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After the body workshop you can ask Pixie, to study Bell, after that it's the Bathhouse deep in the forest.

That or she wandered off someway, somehow, and you need to trigger her box in Milk-Farm to spawn her and find her.

Well go get im.

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Kinda vague but basically.


And yes?

Is being willing still counted as a slave?

Not a bug.

She is just.... Kinda into it.


Always has been.


Sorry dude he already explained why different languages is an Idea that's at the very bottom of his list.

A question I wanna know the answer of.

Look for the Queen of the Fairies.

That's her the person you want to talk to.

7th every month.


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Slave Trade: Go around sunshine if you have good Sense, you will spot it regardless, if not find a weird empty tunnel and faceplant till you find the hidden entrance. (Note: There are more ways to find out about this)

Hang Out: Take a Shower with Cassie, Frisky time with Cassie, and Change her clothes a few times too many.

You need to root the phone for that.

Futa, can impregnate.

Beat a Female Succubus, and use cock growth.


There is Vore already.


Well there kinda is Latex, and Wearable Rope, kinda.


Have you met Nymph, and Nymosa, in their village?

In the deeper forest you will meet a hunter, chase him around and find a way to block his path so that you can find where he hides.

After is another quest concerning a certain Alruane, you possibly meet earlier on.

To get to the deeper forest you must know the Fairy Queen, within the abandoned forest, after playing with them ask of the gaping plant, this needs a fully refurbished Milk-Farm, without it you lack the necessary item to go forward, which is Cheese....

Cassie, can go for apples even if gin is at the lake, partly why it took me forever to finish this.

Sleep see if Cassie, is not in the safehouse, see if Gin, is not in his usual tree, and it still took me 5 times to get the right one.

Parasite. No.

Mushroom. Yes.

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The Maid outfit training?

Or the regular?

Has he ran away?

There are Three stages describe where you are.

Step on her usual square in the Milk-Farm first.

Step on her usual square in the Milk-Farm first.

Do you mean the inner temple, basically the Trial areas, it's part of the quest for Nymph, and Nymosa, if you finish the first part of the Temple aka saving Nymph, and Nymosa, from totally dangerous situations called being pampered by trading with multiple Foxgirl, and Catgirls, THEN you can proceed under the temple to do the Trials you can choose one of them to participate with you.

Maid Outfit.

Spam train him, and leave, sleep, return, if he isn't there he is cleaning his clothes... 

Wait do you mean the first part?

You spam train him.

That's it basically.

Then Throw cheese slices.

A Lot remains.

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What you mean by that?

Why that stop you, you can leave the abandoned town by giving her Fish, going to her Safehouse, climbing to the second floor opening her chest and using that key for the forest where you can save a Succubus, from fairies to which she will tell you another place to visit, going to New-Ark/Transylvania you can also meet random encounters to new areas.

Just wander about, No there isn't much clues given it just kinda let's you find things on your own.

Though to be honest some Quest have really specific requirements I wish it gave a clue about.

Got a bit lost there.

Giant Plant needs a fully refurbished Milk Farm, plus the refinery from Upper New Ark.

Just for Cheese.

Have you stepped on her usual block?

Won't spawn otherwise.

Abandoned Town Forest.

New-Ark Jail.


About right.

Do some Bouncer work at The Rock.

Which one?

The origin of LUST?

The past of Cassie?

The Magicks of Rinny?

The  pleasures with Fawn?

You really gotta mention which.

Work is abundant within New-Ark.

Selling Items is done through Buck-n-Bangs, in the New-Ark-Market.

Yes dropping is not possible.

Go to a new open House, should be near the exit called Safehouse.

You mean the Fairy Queen?

Well you need to play with them first then ask about the Gaping Plant.

Then cheese.

Specify what Device you are using.

Android needs Root.

Yes marriage and settling down is planned.