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if you use godot engine, yoy can export for 32 bits unchecking "64 bit"

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2gb of ram

1gb of video

160 ghz

can reach minimun 1 gb of ram and option ultra low graphic settings?

ok u.u

and map details? (Like as grass, rocks, etc;)

i would like that, not all people have a powerful computer, make low gamma pc run the game to get more downloads than normal :)

Could you add a setting to lower the graphics to the minimum? (disabling the background of the map so that only the platform can be seen, disabling particles, etc;), not everyone has a good quality pc, it is just a suggestion

no 32 bits :(

OS: win8.1
ram: 2 gb
video: 1 gb, intel gma 3600 series
core: 1.60 ghz, intel atom n2600

runs aprox. 7 fps

win 8.1 pro

-2gb ram
-core 1.60 ghz
-1gb video

1 fps, all texture are "box white alpha" and visual unplayblable

thanks n.n

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i wish the game translated to 3D

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can port for godot?

my specs:

-2 gb RAM

-core: 1.60 ghz

-video: 700 mb

the game loads over 2 gb of ram and crashes my OS

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no 32 bits and GLES2?

My specs: 

-2gb ram

-Videocard: Intel GMA 3600 series 700mb 

Core: Intel atom N2600 1.6ghz with 4 cores

Runs me aprox. 10 FPS (game maker can't handle anymore in school's laptop/PCs)

perfect n.n

no 32bit?

great n.n

Have a new version to run using low specs?

drops between 4 fps to 6 fps

32 bits exe, can enable in your project "fallback to GLES2"? (no opens)

no 32 bits?

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 OS: win 7 professional

ram: 2 gb

core: 1.6 ghz

videocard: 800 mb

the game drops 4-6 fps (in-game), no graphics configuration?

can make to PC?, flash is dead

still not open D,:

32 bit support?

OS: windows 7 professional  x32 bits

videocard: 800 MB

ram: 2 GB

core: intel 1.6 Ghz

problem: no startup, no open, no launch fatal error or log, nothing

windows 7 professional

Ram 2GB

core 1.60Ghz

videocard 800Mb

runs 2 fps :,,,,,,,cccc

thanks n.n

What program use to make art/sprites for the game?

can put that version here? (and what software use for graphics? look´s great)

graphics software?


If the game has ultra-low quality options (PSX or N64 style) or compatible with PC potatoes, it will be more compatible with all PCs in the world, those who do not have a good computer, since there will be thousands that can play and not only for those who have a PC with good gamma but for the poor who want first-class graphics, like me, I make games with a lot of compatibility with all OS (x32 and x64)

ok thx n.n, i make games too with configurations very low on pc´s potatoes but with some stuffs, i want make runs in winXP minimun like as ps1 range

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I have some problems, at open the game, the windows positions are negatives, too lag in 1.6 ghz, RAMs are highs

can improve a configuration for pc´s poors (enable all VRAMs and fallbacks for select perforance) or a options disabling effects and details? (can no enjoy the game perfectly but improves much gamers play´s without super pc´s)

can improve for GLES2 drivers?, can´t open the game for that

the game lags and the pigeons no turn back and stuck in the corners

it does not open directly, if your game is 64-bit it has to show me that it is not competitive with my system, I have downloaded other games (with godot engine) and they open (very slowly), you can recompile in your settings or add to your game with graphics settings for poor laptops? (activating all VRAMs with "fallbacks" so that it detects which one is better for performance)

no open game in win7 professional with gles 2

chido, pero me corre a 15 fps todo cortado, uso una netbook del gobierno G4