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hello hello!! i played this game with a changeling oc i already had established because they were absolutely perfect for this game. i only had one character for them to have as a confidante, their best friend they went to boarding school with (which they went 2 bc they "acted out" bc of said changeling antics) so i needed to make them some others. i decided upon it being their family and picked myself some names. i decided first to have them confess to their older brother because it was the one that came up first in the narrative and he rolled to be a changeling too. i almost cried. 

just-- the concept of my oc, getting sent to boarding school for their problems to get straightened out, while their brother just. somehow escaped that?? was better at hiding it?? i don't even know. it adds a layer of hurt to the comfort of having someone like them. i also just love it so much, it added so much and made my character, who was so disconnected from their family after not seeing them in 10 years, have someone else they could rely on.

i'm so excited to play this again more personally rather than just with an oc but i wanted to share this experience!! thank you for this amazing game <3