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Thanks for writing this, because honestly it's great to see the behind the scenes! Seeing the process with the concepts, and CG's is really fun to see how you go through it. And i'm extremely excited for the next project you have, because it always turns out great, Good luck.

Awww, thats actually adorable, thanks for the doodle :>

Welp time to download this, and play it, and have fun, and love it, ykyk. Because this is absolutely great, I watched a playthrough before, now time to see the new stuff.

Omg it's out, time to play now. 😁 

I absolutely love Cornerthing, what a nice human sized shadowy corner thing, Cornerthing it is. <3

Short, and nice as always, I absolutely love your games.

This demo was definitely interesting, I really cannot wait for more updates, and the full release. Good luck on it! :)

Honestly I've been wondering that too, because I can't find any new updates on this anywhere.

Yes of course please take your time on this, we're already grateful for the work you've already made so far. And goodluck with the rest of it. ❤️

This was short, but fun, actually really liked it. I trusted Raku too much, I guess that's why there's something called stranger danger, but atleast he's treating me to something.

Everybody talking bout Max, but like Gabriel tho, honestly I like Gabriel, he's a good cop.(I can't wait to see if this will be expanded on or not, because I am interested.)

Nvm it gave me a steam key too, and that basically solved the problem :>

Been trying to play the game, and I put in my email, but the registration kept saying it was the wrong email, but it was the email I used to buy the game.

That was so interesting, I would love to buy more from him honestly, but I think I went broke 💀

Omg the protagonist. No, Thank you for making this game, I'll be sure to buy a copy.

OMG the demo is here! I've been looking at all the drawings on your twitter, and I was so excited, and now I'm even more excited to play the demo now, because it looks absolutely amazing.

Been following your twitter, happy that your creating more games, and hope your doing fine.

That was really interesting, I have no idea what is happening, I have a few theories, but I'm excited for any new updates that might happen, even if it might not happen at all.

I've already backed the kickstarter, but I actually haven't until now played the demo, and damn it is so good. I throughly enjoyed that demo, and can't wait for any new updates for TouchStarved.

Chester is truly a very interesting guy, I'll be sure to check in time to time for any updates, and love to know more of where the game is going with Chester, but I have a slight idea.

Absolutely obsessed with this now, I am invested, and hope for more updates!

Omg, I literally just went through the entire game, which I probably should've done awhile back, but this game was so good. LIKE DAMN literally recommend playing this already, if you haven't then you just gotta. The stories are so interesting, and Bloomic is super good.

The art tho, literally the best art i've seen in like my entire life.

Omg, can't wait for more Grim, because I've been thinking about 404 Shinigami, good luck on this.

AHHH, I enjoyed it so much, so far, and I'm so excited for the full version of the game. I just wanna know more, and hope for the best of this project, and other projects you'll work on.

OMGGGGGGGGGG IT'S GONNA BE VOICED????? I'm literally so excitedddd

OMG YES IT'S HERE! I was like so confused about finding an update about this in my mailbox, since it wasn't april 22nd yet, but i'm so glad that it came out early. 

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Actually playing the release of Chapter 1 it's literally so good, it's so much more than the starting part, and alot added in it, but I still want more, I just wanna know the rest. I'm hooked onto this.

That was literally so cute, I loved everything ;-;

That was story was pretty messed up, but it was good messed up. 👍 

Honestly the whole game so far, is literally great, the pixel art is really good, but I keep having trouble getting all the endings. Basically means i'll be seeing their faces more. c:

That was a great game, but those endings weren't what I expected at all, and really I love it when I get what I don't expect. Playing through it at first gave me so many goosebumps.

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Tim & Gina have such an amazing names Timotentatunatex & Ginabofinamina :)

I abused Gina's door, and it was gonna imitate a falling jenga tower. :c sorry door

I enjoyed it very much, but I have yet to get the true end just yet, which i'll probably get to it in a second.

That's great you and your friend had a great time creating the game, and triple checking is good to do for games. Also make sure you get some rest, since it sounded like you were a bit worried triple checking the game, cause I think i'll probably be just fine.

When I got the news about this new game by you I just had to play it, and I haven't yet but I will in just two seconds.

OOOO okay, bc I thought it was like a glitch or something, thanks for answering the question tho.

I was playing the game, and it's an amazing game I absolutely loved everything about it, and adding ducks to this love story was really a nice touch to it.

But I wanted to ask if the black duck icon is supposed to be overlapped by Penelope's icon, or is it supposed to happen and it's just me that finds it weird?

He literally looks so cute.