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Right above the comments section, there is a button labeled, "Download". Then, say that you want to save and open folder. There should be two things in that folder, Gorn (Application) and Gorn Data. Put those two in your desktop and click the (I think it is Unity) logo that says GORN under it. Your game should start from there.

I don't think you can, this is just a demo, ;)

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Are you kidding? I play it almost every day! I'm gonna be sooo fit soon

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I will be the first to buy it!

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PLEASE add enemies with bows! Besides this the only problem with the game is you can't skip the tutorial and this game makes me so sweaty after. HTC Vives should have cooling systems.

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Please create a way to skip the tutorial levels, I play this game all the time and I know how the weapons work by now.

Sorry if there is a way to skip but I have not noticed.