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Thank you for the detailed and quick answer, very interesting stuff. I'm really enjoying the game and hope you keep working on it.

Here is my Doggo1.0 in said generation 5: 

He is a happy little fellow, but peaked at 24% effiency after 40 generations. With a few small improvements, Doggo1.4 is currently at a 32% effiency and not too bad at jumping either. What I love most about him though, is how lifelike he moves now (apart from the fact, that his hind leg is a spring ;) It's really fun to work on a creature, let it run a few generations and come back to see, how well the improvements worked.

I made a nice little thing, called it doggo and let it run. It didn't do amazing, in generation 5 it has a fitness of 20.28%. But then in generation 6 the fitness dropped to  19.43%. In the options I have selected to keep the best creatures for the next generation. As the input stays the same it should do at least as good as the generation before or improve in performence, right?

Am I missing something here?