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I adore queer, cryptid/monster related dating sims, this is a great one. Love me some sweet slowburn romance, and we LOVE a moth who is proud of the name they picked :^)

It's Wednesday, sorry. But in all seriousness the art is great, and this is a cute and chaotic lil' game.

I knew the story pretty well going in, it was still tense and the music was great! This legitimately scared me and the movement towards the end is horrifying, I love it.

This is chaotic, I love it, and I would die for Eggsalad.

Gay loud pine tree makes no sense but I love it and aim to be it.

It took a full conversation about how a non-binary character was a monarch to make me comfortable coming out to a friend (Hollis from TAZ Amnesty, semi-problematic fave). She is great and this had similar vibes, love it.

The story of this is amazing, and the isolation of the game feels super relevant to actual January 2021.

I chose my Cute Neighbor because he gave me a lot of  Calvin and Hobbes books as a kid and that seems like a cute way to bring that full circle.

Happy spooky season from your magical birb fren.

That was the most absurdly adorable game ever, I was not prepared but I think that's a good thing.


The dancing skeletons were the best part. In all seriousness great game.

I was given too much freedom, the princess may or may not have been a dick...

It's stuff like this that makes me love the internet. This is awesome.

I loved the game! the only problem with the clock puzzle for me was that I apparently cannot read clocks... I'm used to old Sierra and Lucas Arts games so it was pretty easy and did not make my life hell in comparison. PLEASE if you can I want to see these characters again!!!!!

Side note, you did that real sword anamatic, you are the best.

This game gives me Ace Attorney vibes but like more wild somehow.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH, especially Ash because we NEED a non-binary Maya stand in in our lives.


Also the placeholder angry customer made me laugh out loud I have never seen a more accurate depiction.

Its 26, PEMDAS

This game is amazing and I am a little concerned with how relatable looking the monsters are, but thanks for addressing such an important topic!

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I am so exited to see such a wonderful game that explores such an important topic! The portrayal of death and death care as such a respectful process was amazing. This game made me feel disgusted in a good way, not at death, but at the cold calculated ways which corporations can mistreat dead bodies and their families. The ending made me smile, (I am very into the death positivity movement so of course it would), and treated death respectfully because it showed how hard the process is along with its odd beauty. Thank you so much!

This was amazing and really touching, I actually had a similar experience (Lyme disease and everything) and this was just super validating, not to mention well drawn. Thank you.