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Some of the objects are too high-def for a Haunted PS1 game; on the other hand, you'll have an edge when game jams get to the Haunted Dreamcast or Haunted XBox level.

I did end up getting stuck after climbing up a bed in the third residence, putting me behind the invisible story wall there.  Still, not a bad effort for your first game

Good game so far, but there was one major issue: when you run into a mermaid that gives you air, the [make for surface] and [dive deeper] buttons don't come back after the event, leaving you stuck on that screen

Never thought I'd like a game that channels my inner teenage Yoda...  "You, I like; tasty your food is!"

I could see this applying to further steps in the relationship (meeting the in-laws, making the vows, seeing your newly adopted child, etc.)