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Certified BOOBA! moment.

Found a pretty concerning bug on Cynthia Room, (before fighting her soo the floor was still intact) if you run out of the room then immediately turn around and Run back into it you can clip out of bounds and Soft-lock the game (Loading will fix it)

Here's a screenshot of itCeiling Door Clip

It seems to clip you straight through the wall and onto the roof

Trying to recreate it but i still can't find a consistent way to pull it off (Tho i did managed to do it 4 times already so i'm guessing it's not completely random)

Possible Solution

Put the player further away from the door when entering it or leaving it.

Whatever works best for you: smoothing the slope or reworking some of the detection mechanism.  But as i said it's not a urgent matter.

Good to see that you're still going and as much as a harsh change this is i think this will be a good path to follow, with what you said when the final project is reached it could try using some roguelike elements to add some replayability and stuff, but everything has it's time no rush. 

excited to see what's next

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Soo the Other Thing i was talking about  is in the Cynthia Fight It's not as Hard to pull off as Mushna Slope Glitch, and is definitely more of a silly thing than a game Break.

Still here's how to do it

Cynthia jump Boost

If successfully done you should go pretty high

Soo Fisrt  wait for her to do an overhead slam (The one she's doing on the image

Then just time it You Want To Jump As She is Hitting The Ground (Or close to that keep in mind that it is quite precise prolly like 2~5 frames time window Also Bringing the frame limit down to 15 makes the timing a lot easier although it can still be achieved even on 200 frames )That attack will normally just make you jump automatically but if timed correctly you should Get the same boost as if you were jumping on a

Jumping Shroom

Goes *Boing!*

Then If you're ready for it you can try and use that boost to possibly stall on one of the arena walls

Cynthia Wall Stall

Left Wall is a lot easier to stay on, then the Right one

Possible solution

Just make the walls slopped and i would say put a ceiling just to be sure.

But yeah that's it for now everybody.

Alright soo i got my hands busy  Messing Around With Mushna and Cynthia and i found two Glitches.

1st Mushna Slope Glitch

Soo on the mushna fight if you get her on the left side of the arena and position  yourself very VERY VERY Precisely  (We're talking Pixel Perfect here) And be extremely Lucky you can possibly make her fall infinitely (In Theory) but it's so precise i wouldn't consider it a problem.   In fact i only managed to Get Mushna for two or three seconds and that was by accident (First time happened During a No Damage attempt  Then i Tried for 3 hours to replicate it)

But here's the Setup or at least what i think it is 

Mushna Slope Glitch

Can someone Pull it off? That would be Pretty cool!

soo as i said before :get her on the left side of the arena , Then you'll have to wait for her Jump After that Just Pray that you're standing on the right spot It's not a hard setup the problem is it's Just way too random because of her position. i find out that standing just on top of the little mushroom pile yielded the best results

(Still not  like the fist one, but.... she floated for a little bit). It also seems to be relying on the momentum of her jumps since she slide a little when hitting the ground I'm going to guess that this happens because she land on "sturdy" ground and then slides into the slope making her think she still in the air? idk..

Possible solution

Make the slope slightly smoother or just remove it? It's Really not a immediate concern seeing how hard it is to pull off.

But yeah that's gonna be it for now i still gotta get the other Glitch documented soo it might take a while. Keep Up the good Work and sorry for the wall of text everybody! :p

Alright Cool i'll be doing some bug Hunting thenHere we go

That's funnier than i expected still, I'm glad it got fixed.

Since the place is pretty busy i'll take the opportunity to ask is there a place where i can report any bugs i come across?

"Fixed a bug that caused the game to become inoperable when talking to Cynthia while inside her." lol that's a funny bug fix

I gotta give credit to whoever is taking care of bug hunting because i didn't know about any of these. Good Job!

can't wait to see the new stuff, plus i can bug hunt the new version for anything out of place wich is fun.

the games is pretty fun and all but damn that blowjob animation give me nightmares.

You're writing stuff while being inspired by your addictions, it really makes me think that the next character is going to be a griffin, maybe a little easter egg about you? who knows wahtever it is im curios, even if it's something completely different.

No problem m8! Just knowing you're working on it makes me look forward on how this project will progress.

Soo  the new menu and stuff are cool, but it still too early to say anything about it, the only problem i have is that the rng of the caverns are pretty brutal. Sometimes it just impossible to survive, and i get it's a runner and it is not supposed to go on forever but still, And I'm pretty sure there's a bug where if you shoot and try to move at the same time you don't move. And That's it looking forward.

That guardsman used to be an adventurer like us until he took An arrow to the knee...

I'll see myself out.

The Deepest lore must be Discovered No matter How many entries we must read! 

M8 any news from you are good news.

Well it's unfortunate that the project is over, but I hope to see more from you on the future.