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I guess I'll just stick with whole foods and sprouts!!! Great game btw

I really enjoyed playing this game!!! Very unique and startling. I hope to see more projects from you guys. Would love to play them!!!

Very interesting point and click game. I was stuck for a long time near the end but still a pretty dope game!!! GREAT JOB on this one!!!

WOW WOW WOW!!! That's all I can say. Haven't finished the demo but I had WAY TOO MUCH FUN doing an LP on it!!! Great job in this game and I hope this game turns into a full release!!! 

Definitely liked this game A LOT!!! Except for that monkey...scared the CRAP out of me!!! Cant wait for the full release!!! 

Hi, for some reason i cant download the game. The game looks very interesting and im looking forward to playing it. Please let me know if theres another way to download this. thanks

VERY DOPE GAME!!! Reminded me a lot of the movie The Lighthouse. Great graphics, dope storyline. Well worth the download (13GBs!!!!) lol. I hope you enjoy my reaction!!!

ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! Woooow!!! Definitely reminds me of a dystopian kind of world caught between the future and past. GREAT GAME and I hope to see more of this or more projects like this!!! I hope you enjoy my gameplay

The game was GREAT to play!!! Definitely had some fun with. Just got stuck at collecting the items at Theatre 3. The objective didn't change after collecting all of the items in there. Other than that, GREAT GAME!!!

This game was DEFINITELY SPOOKY!!! I Hope my LP did this game justice!!!

Even though the game crashed on me a few times, i did have fun with it!!! Had some scary moments!!! I hope you enjoy me gameplay of it

everything was great but that part. Looking forward to what you do next with the game!!!

Maaaan, this game has a lot of potential. Bummed me out when the demo ended so soon!!! I hope you enjoy the gameplay!!!

Very spooky game!!! I enjoyed the atmosphere. Not really a jumpscare-y type game which I like!!! 

This game is HILARIOUS and had way too much fun with it!!! I hope you enjoy my gameplay of it!!!

This brought me back to them old-school gameboy days!!! I love the platforming, the design, spookiness, EVERYTHING!!! GREAT JOB!!!

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A VERY SPOOKY GAME!!! Great job on this one!!!

This game was soo much fun to play!!! Had me laughing throughout the whole gameplay!!! Hoping to see this as a full release!!! GREAT JOB!!! 

The end gave me an outer body experience. Thats how BAD the jumpscare was lmaoo. But it was cool!!! I hope you enjoy the gameplay 

This game was so much fun!!! Even did a freestyle in the beginning!!! A few jumpscares too. I hope you enjoy the gameplay!!!

This game caught me a few times!!! Definitely scary and cant wait for the full release. Great job!!! 

VERY DOPE collection of games so far. I've played 2 games so far. I was stuck in Fatum Batula, but filth breed was SCARY!!! 

Definitely enjoyed this game!!! Great build up and jump scare. Will never do this in real life tho lol!!! Great game!!!

This game was a lot of fun to do a let's play on!!! Great job!!! 

Maaaan you made me relive the 90s!!! What a dope game!!! Great job on this one!!!

Maaaan!!!! This game gave me chills all the way through. That major jumpscare gave me a slight headache lol. GREAT JOB!!! 

Thank ya, thank ya. It was pretty intense!!! lol

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Here's my gameplay!!!

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VERY atmospheric and tense!!! I liked it A LOT!!! I made an LP that'll be coming out tomorrow afternoon. GREAT JOB!!!