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Nostalgik Gamez

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Pretty interesting game!!! Had a few good scares!!! (Skip to 14:25)

This game was too much for me!!! LOL. 

So this is another place I won't be visiting!!! lol. Pretty funny game!!!

What a creepy game!!! I enjoyed it a lot!!!

This game is why I'm paranoid IRL!!! 

Very interesting game you got here!!! Just wish there was a better way to find the car. Other than that. Pretty dope!!! 

this game was pretty interesting!!! 

This game was pretty creepy. Especially that lady following me around the store!!! 

Had to run back and get the Good Ending!!! 

Very interesting game you have here!!! 

I definitely enjoyed this game. But that one jumpscare from the Alternative Story, almost had me in the spirit realm!!! GOOD JOB!!! 

I'm really enjoying this game. VERY CREEPY and I'm glad this game has combat. Great job so far!!!

Very interesting game!!! The jumpscares were NOT NICE!!! LOL

Just played your game. Thought it was pretty good. Got kinda confused at the end, but was still eerie and messed with my nerves. 

This game was pretty short & scary. Hopefully You can make an extended version of it or a sequel!!!

VERY VERY GOOD GAME!!! Playing through it right now and having a good time with it!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Got stuck a few times but made it through!!! GREAT GAME!!!

I had a lot of fun playing this game!!!! I hope to see a full game soon!!!


This game gave me CRAZY nostalgia!!! I of course got lost in the woods!!!

I played the demo and now the full game....well....I tried. These puzzles were TOUGH!!! LOL

Very interesting game. I can definitely relate to this subject matter. I'm glad there's something out there that shows what people can go through when being bullied. GREAT JOB

This game was pretty interesting. Wanted more out of the game but enjoyed what was put together!!! 

This game is all kinds of GROOVY!!! Really dope homage to the Evil Dead series. Great job on this one!!!

I REALLY enjoyed this game!!! Still trying to figure out why these possessed vehicles are coming after me lol. But it was pretty fun!!! Great game (Skip to 56:29 for gameplay)

Pretty cool minecraft inspired horror game. I couldnt finish it on the stream but i'll definitely do a video on it soon!!! (skip to 10:49 for gameplay)

This is really good!!! I see you went for a mix of Garten Of Ban Ban and Backrooms!!! I hope you do a full game on this. (Skip to 3:09 for gameplay/freestyle)

For some reason i couldnt figure out how to progress in the game. But what i played so far was pretty good!!! (Fast forward to 52:23)

This was definitely HILARIOUS!!! The sound the cannibals make when they die was too funny!!! I kept gettin my a$$ whooped by them and couldn't finish the game lol. Great game!!! (Fast forward to 35:35)

This game was TERRIFYING!!! And no jumpscares which is IMPRESSIVE!!! Great job on this game!!!

Pretty interesting game. The jumpscare at the end could've been better. But overall interesting game!!!

This game was pretty terrifying!!! Was able to get the 2 of 2 ending!!! Great job on this one!!!

This game is pretty tough to beat!!! Lol. Dope game though!!!

Thanks a lot man!!! I really appreciate it. The game was really fun to play and liked the humor/style of it. I think this will be a very dope game if you're able to release it as a full game. I'll definitely play it again!!! And yeea, the lacerator got my boot stuck in his ass!!! LOL. 

What a dope game!!! I hope this turns into a full game 

This game was pretty fun despite the few bugs that were in it!!! 

very dope game!!! Reminds me of Convenience Store from Chilla's Art. The bus kept scaring me everytime I got dropped off at the vhs store lol.