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hi im emme aka nostalgic

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Truly enjoyed this game and the bittersweet feelings of having to leave your past behind because people grow. People change. Things change. I think this teaches a lesson that nothing truly ever stays the same, and to enjoy the moment while it last, because the next thing you know, all of your friends, and everyone around you has grown up, to actually do something with their lives. Gave me such melancholy and nostalgic vibes. I really recommend this.

i would love to play this, but i can't because i have windows, would be great if you could add that. looks interesting! 

This episode definitely gave me more Twilight Zone vibes. One being, there is an episode where a guy who, "just got out of a mental hospital." Is on a plane with his wife, and starts seeing someone out on the plane wing, who is a gorilla thing I believe? Anyways, loved this game a lot!

I love this game with my whole heart x