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Basic Base build to start with

8 Things needed to be done in order:

1) .. Digout 1 side  for planters .. 4 - potatoes and 4-6 Hemps

2) .. Build 2 storage containers in Main Room to start with and PLAN on more

3) .. Build Science Room with computer Desk and get all science done .. asap

4) .. Build Ore Refinery .. needed for so many things

5) .. Build 2nd [second] Power Generator ..  you will need 3 or 4 in time

6 ) .. Build BedRoom for Happy people

7) .. Build 2nd [second] Bio Refinery .. will make life Great again ... 1 for Resin and 1 for Bioplastic's

7a) .. You need to start thinking about Med-Bay at this point .. where to build and resources.

8) .. Build Your Kitchen and place a Water Pump  with 1 oven/stove and 1-2 refridgerators to start with and plan on more [they will fill-up fast]

That is the 8 basic starting pointers;

If you need to go across water areas .. put down Utility flooring as a bridge .. Hope this helps you get started in a Fun Game .. Enjoy

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Cloning Room

Show's 4th Power Generator placement needed for 2nd cloning chamber and additional walls

The Garden area.

My base of operation  ..  looking from other end.

One note to players .. Always as soon as you can build Planters [ 3-4 potatoes and 2-3 hemps] or your little Norms will die from hunger.

My base of operations and having Fun