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i gave it a go...

very nice idea, had fun trying to become perfect

just played this today! 

really enjoyed this game, it's really good!

i didn't see it ending like that

very cool game!

very nice!

in the words of step "i gave it a go" 

really cool experience

wtf man lol

the ending though, wow

really interesting experience, hoping for a part 2

wasn't what i thought it was but i got over it, hopefully more things are added.

i almost didn't finish it

This game is so dark, and also f*** that spider lol + my guess on the riddle was pure luck! 

Was not expecting the game to be how it was. Platformer part was really ragey lol, but it still was really enjoyable. 

cool game, proves a game doesn't need jumpscares to be creepy.

very cool game considering it was made in a week