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This game was so unsettling yet so good and I love it! It's so cool!!

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Can I just say I love all of these characters? (Except Nightmare, though I admit they were incredibly well written) Also, the plot twists (and how the murder happened) were really unexpected but make so much sense. The humor is top-notch and the emotional parts hit really hard. This game is really amazing and I recommend this to anyone who likes murder mysteries! (My favorite is Punch, but I love everybody, honestly.)

Will there ever be a spinoff with all of these characters? They're all so amazing. Waiting for that or for that Marco spinoff!

P.S. Is there a secret ending where they don't go to the mansion in here? Just asking

This game is incredibly interesting and unique! I love how creative the puzzles (as far as I've seen) are, and the aesthetic looks really nice!

Also, really thankful for the alphabet guide, especially the dots (and the notes about ciphers). So glad it's there and I didn't have to google it.

Still stuck on finding the secret word on 4 though, is there another solution for this? Sorry and thanks for making this game!

This game is really interesting! I like how the time travel is used in the game!