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Felt obligated to answer these, is this for research? Either way, it's very interesting. :)

1. Did believing you could play this only once impact how you made decisions?

Probably? I mean, somewhere in my mind I thought there could be a possibility that I could refresh the page, but I tried to be as sincere as possible in this and pick the answers I would pick first. 

2. What do SAL and Ash look like in your mind? Did you mentally assign a gender to either or both characters?

I didn't assign SAL a gender, I just imagined them as a humanoid robot even if that might not be accurate to the actual story. I think this is because I find it easier to view people as humans, so that reflected onto my views for SAL. And Ash was more feminine for me, maybe because of their personality, but honestly I just assumed. This made me realize I have unconscious gender biases (I'm sorry).

3. What choices did you make? How did your game end?

At first I made choices that sounded like what a regular person would want to hear, before being told that they would prefer honesty. At that point, I just stated what I personally thought. I ended it with needing some time to think, because this is a very complicated decision to make.

4. What did you like and dislike about this game?

I like the atmosphere it gave and the personalities of the characters. It felt really deep. But I didn't really like how the AI would automatically assume it is incapable of feeling anything because, personally, I just find it more interesting to believe that there really could be an AI that can actually feel things like a person can even if it wasn't human. This probably brings up some philosophical discussions about what a "person" is, and whether it could be expanded to people who aren't humans.

5. How did this game make you feel?

This felt deep. And heartwarming. It felt nice, and it made me ponder how an AI would feel or act.

6. Do you want to see these characters again? What would you want to see in a follow-up?

Maybe. I'm open to that idea. I'm not sure what a follow-up would look like because that could be anything, honestly.

7. What predictions do you have for SAL and Ash's relationship? Where do you see it going?

Well, it could work. I think if both of them take the time to express their needs, it could blossom into a real relationship.

8. Any other things you want to mention?

This is really good, thanks for making this!

This is amazing!! I love deduction games, especially where you have to look up different sources to find answers, and this knocked it out of the park!! 5 stars!! I could tell who the people in the secret locked area were, I just had to find out the last one's name! And it felt amazing when I found it out!! This was so satisfying to complete and I loved every second of it!! :D The only difficulty I would say is figuring out the pictures at some parts, but even then, it's still very satisfying when you get them correct! Love this game!!

11/10 would steal again

But seriously, this game is amazing! Its puzzles have really clever solutions, and it's quite funny how you can do so much with the commands that were given! I love it!

I like the premise of this, I think it's realistic for the characters to forget (or lie) about what exactly happened on the night of the murder. I also like how the cases are randomly generated. If this ever gets expanded, a suggestion I have would be to add clues or evidences so it's a bit clearer what everyone was doing. But, overall, I'd say this is a pretty good game!

This is amazing and clever and I loved every second of it! I love how this manages to combine both story and logic puzzle into one cohesive experience! I love how it seems like you don't have enough information from what's given but it's enough to figure it all out. And I love how every bit of the design and the clues themselves make the entire experience more immersive, almost like we really are seeing through Sophie's eyes as she tries to piece together her project about her family (which, just from the few bits and pieces gathered from the tape recordings, letters, and interviews, feel like real people).

Overall, this is amazing and I thank you for creating this! :D

This game was so unsettling yet so good and I love it! It's so cool!!

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Can I just say I love all of these characters? (Except Nightmare, though I admit they were incredibly well written) Also, the plot twists (and how the murder happened) were really unexpected but make so much sense. The humor is top-notch and the emotional parts hit really hard. This game is really amazing and I recommend this to anyone who likes murder mysteries! (My favorite is Punch, but I love everybody, honestly.)

Will there ever be a spinoff with all of these characters? They're all so amazing. Waiting for that or for that Marco spinoff!

P.S. Is there a secret ending where they don't go to the mansion in here? Just asking

This game is incredibly interesting and unique! I love how creative the puzzles (as far as I've seen) are, and the aesthetic looks really nice!

Also, really thankful for the alphabet guide, especially the dots (and the notes about ciphers). So glad it's there and I didn't have to google it.

Still stuck on finding the secret word on 4 though, is there another solution for this? Sorry and thanks for making this game!

This game is really interesting! I like how the time travel is used in the game!