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this is great work! Really love the style.

these are gorgeous! 

This is really cool!

That’s awesome to hear, now I’m even more excited to see the new stuff!

thank you! My first suggestion years ago was new bosses and now they are here, and they look awesome. 

this is awesome! 

this is great, I would love to see more procedural generation stuff from you!

So happy to see this updated, I’ve been wanting to pick this up forever, now there’s even more reason to.

I love you even MORE for this! Multi tile entities are my jam. 

I love you for this!

absolutely love this! Now we just gotta get some big multi tile entity bosses going!

this is so freaking cool!

love that you are releasing these addons for the retro system! I’m currently using the retrohorrortemplate for my Unity project so anything like these addons are music to my ears. 

perfect! thank you!

This is fantastic!

Your Psx characters are awesome! Hope you make more! In fact I’m pretty curious if you do paid commissions, I wouldn’t mind having some custom models made one day!

this is gorgeous!

totally understandable,  I’m just checking in! Jen scripts is my favorite solution in Gamemaker for procedural map generation.  Really appreciate all the hard work. 

Duuuude this is the coolest idea ever, so jealous I didn’t think of it haha!

How is the 47 autotiling coming along? This is one of the features I definitely want to use!

I do think the second one is a little small for the backsprite, at least compared to the first ones back sprite. I think maybe making the second one bigger or the first smaller somehow would look better. But overall I’m happy to see you making backsprites! 

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This is literally one of the best things I’ve ever seen on itch,  thank you so much for putting so much into this! Can’t wait to download it and see everything in it.

these are awesome!

I’m so happy to see this! 🔥🔥 

oh my, this is very nice. I’ll have to pick this up asap. 

This is simply beautiful!

super happy to see you doing characters now!

This is one of the most amazing examples of sprite work I’ve seen, ever. Will be joining the patreon tomorrow! 

love the world war idea, would be super happy to see a lot of ww1 stuff. 

This is legitimately BEAUTIFUL, rarely do you see pixel art look this good.

yes!!! This is awesome man! It would be so cool if all your characters were modular and we could mix and match the outfits and stuff.

They got us this year but next year will be better. Go jags!

I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile now, something retro like 1920s silent era feeling. This is perfect!

these are great. This fancy stuff is exactly what my project needs 

this is beautiful!!!

I sent ya an email ^^

can’t wait to see what it will be! Honestly I would love if you would do a Victorian theme set eventually/ 

awesome! Keep ‘em coming! 

Do you have a professional email or way I can contact you? If you are up for it maybe we could come up with some work I could commission you for?