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Friends, thanks for playing the demo.  If anyone is curious, we have just about 1200 downloads and plays after a month.  

Here's an odd thing: every rating is either 5 star or 1 star. Someone explain why? I'm really curious

Oh that would be wonderful! I won't give my email here but you can find my contact info on my website: <3

Thanks for playing it! Appreciate your thoughts. I hope we will live up to the hype :)

Thank you! We will aim to please <3

Sounds good! Stay tuned for the first post-demo release. I think I’ll release all of act 1 at the same time so there’s some substantive gameplay. Anyways, glad to hear you like my writing ❤️

Hey! I'd love to join :)

Thanks! I'm excited too ^^

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24 hour stats: 45 downloads, with two 5-star ratings, one 1-star rating

48 hour stats: 100 downloads, five 5-star ratings, two 1-star ratings

72 hour stats: 250 downloads and browser plays

If you played this game, please take a few seconds to let us know your thoughts in the comments! All feedback is welcome. Thanks very much <3