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North Grizz

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London's Aesop is a very good quality game and I had a great time reading and voice acting it for my videos.

Developing anything like a VN is a very difficult job and coupled to being at university would make things very difficult for anyone.

I enjoyed the time we had with Iroko and the rest, if you should pick it up again I will definitely return to it.

May life treat you better in the future, and your projects be successful.

I just played through 0.4 and did the survey for you. In short, great work! 
(May be slight spoilers ahead.)
I'm enjoying seeing the character development of both Asterion and the Protagonist. Asterion's concerns are understandable and realistic. The protagonist's choice to go ahead with the contract is something I would do in his situation. I've never sent Asterion to the Valley and it's something I won't be doing. I told him I would never send him to the Valley and that applies to all playthroughs whatever else changes.. I'm terrible at playing evil/nasty characters xD

I am liking Luke more as we go along. (Though I have Kota running the lounge) Maybe he's revealing more of his true self to us, what we see in his first appearance is a way to distract himself from reality and now in the hotel he doesn't feel that need so much. Maybe I'm reading him incorrectly, time will tell.

The cobalts are fun and I hope we'll learn more about them as the story goes along. We know that P's grandfather was telling the truth, I wonder if he was kicked out of the hotel by Clement. Does P just want to find out the truth or is that line about the diamonds his reason? Storm is shaping up to be a good character, I feel sorry for him and hopefully he can get a proper charm and start to live a good life. Maybe the hotel could help him. I love the expressions his sprite has, it's some great work and I could see him doing well in silent cinema with that emoting. "We didn't need dialogue. We had faces!" as Norma Desmond said.

Again, those little sections of Asterion's history are fascinating and add to the character.

The stars are different. Are we in a different space or a different time? Not that we need an answer to that but I like the fact it's been talked about. It adds to the feeling of otherworldliness I've had since the start of the novel when our protagonist accepts the deed. I love it.

You've been explaining what's going on with the long gap between builds and that's all I need. Just a quick explanation and confirmation that you're all working on it. Quality takes time and I'd rather wait for all of you to be satisfied before releasing the build. 

Thanks for reading through my ramblings and looking forward to Build 0.5!

You haven't disappointed me yet and I very much doubt you will in the future. Just the fact that it's 2020 is taking a toll on everyone and if you have other stuff to deal with as well it just piles problems on problems. Take the time you need and make sure to take care of yourself first. (Yes, I've used that line on a number of creators and I'm serious every time.) You're doing a great job with this VN, we can wait for more until you feel ready to work on it. There's a lot of us behind you if you ever need support. Just ask.

No worries. Unless you're lucky enough to be able to work on a project full time it is often hard to find the time to be creative.Personally I find the "write a first draft and scream at the mistakes then edit" way works for me but we're all different. If you need to spend some time to find what works best it's all good.Looking forward to the new stuff.

This a great resource for writers as well as a fascinating look at the history of Minotaur Hotel. My favourite bit is where you say that it's what worked for your team. I've come across too many guides with a this-is-what-you-must-do attitude. This is good information which is useful to anyone writing without being prescriptive . Makes notes for Jake and Brock's character arcs. I'll definitely be reading the next parts.

"Perchance it is not dead, but sleepeth."  No VN or anything creative is more important than your mental health, always put yourself first.  When/if you're ready to come back to this we'll be waiting, but take as much time as you need to make sure you're doing well.  Unfortunately all I can do is offer a sliver of support with a comment, but I mean it. Best wishes for the future.

Definitely intriguing. Yeah, it's very early days so I'm not bothered by the lack of art so far. The story is interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing where it's going to go from here,

I didn't test out every option yet but apart from a few typos I didn't see anything wrong (proofreading is surprisingly hard so not worrying about them yet). It's nice to see Rocco, I like him.  The teacher Day One is interesting and I want to see where it goes from there.

Good to see some more content and I'm  looking forward to to whenever the next update is. I understand what writing is like and having taken a glance at ren'py I can see how that easily takes time to get things as you want them. So basically, not too bothered by having to wait a bit :)

Sometimes life gets in the way completely.  It's good that you're still working on it and that you're not happy that the updates won't be up to your standard. It shows that you really care about the novel. Just remember to take care of yourself as well as it :)