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I really liked the story of the game, it hit me hard when i was trying to get back but the barrier was blocking me and the phrases and lines suddenly appeared near the barrier.... was kinda making me emotional really but yeah this game is still unfinished due to the red bars leading to the "end" of the game or am i just missing something? i guess i turned into one of those spirits and can never go back. GOOD GAME

Oh yeah i forgot, its hella short and the game is literally just an introduction to your moves/abilities, really easy too no need to attack you can just teleport kill. Good game though

This seems pretty good for a free game, even though it has 3 ways of moving - wasd, dash, "teleport" i cant find myself using the wasd and dash movements. The teleport is way too strong being able to "teleport" long distances while dealing damage to everything in its line of path. I suggest nerfing the teleport by adding 2-4 second cooldown and make the circle spot the only thing that deals damage. It should be teleport but instead the guy just quickly dashes in the circle area which is the reason it deals damage in a line.

Im missing a key in the pirate ship thingy, i dont think i can progress without it :/

The mana costs for the fireball ability was a tad bit too much, I had difficulties fighting the witch and had to fight her 5 times to get it right.

maybe, i tried it like 20 times and i still cant get there. but oh well.

While i did finish the game i didnt complete the keys, achievement and secrets, perhaps you can tell me some of them?

I think i need to get the double jump before i go here. anyways i  restarted the game and finished it

I got stuck immediately, wasnt able to jump out of a cave because it is 1 block taller than my jump :/