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WASD to move and E to interact if I remember correctly

Ahaha I do that in all games for the goofs. Great job on creating this in 48 hours! That's a lot of effort . Are you considering adding in these features as a post jam build? I would love to give this game another chance :)

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I played it and I kinda get what I'm supposed to do? Form a sentence to communicate and get to the end goal but the responses i kept getting were a big " ? " so that was frustrating lol. Gonna wait for someone else to figure this out but it does look like a good game :)

Oh! and I found a bug where the AI looked squished ^

I can't wait for this game to come out!!

A pretty funny game, well done!

Absolutely loved this demo! I'll keep an eye on this game that's for sure :D

This is my second video on this game cause I ADORE IT. It's amazing and should become a bigger game. I also left some feedback :) 

Happy to see this here! I thought this was a paid game (If it was I'd purchase it, iiif I had the means).  So this makes a part of me happy. Thank you :)

I'm surprised there aren't any comments, anyway I played your game and made a video on it! Short and enjoyable, good job :)

SUPER FUN! Controls are wonky but I managed and enjoyed this to the max! It reminds me of many indie games but mostly little nightmares. I actually thought this was a demo for a bigger game cause it's that good and it has great potential. You guys did an amazing job on it :D

SIMPLY CUTE. I played it on my channel though I'm not sure if I got the true ending hehe

Pretty fun game :) In the end, hex based combat games aren't really my thing but I really did enjoy this still. The camera controls were wonky but I got used to it hahaha

I made a video on it too! I hope you don't mind :D

You're welcome and thank you for making an awesome game!

I loved this! Such a great game! Couldn't get past the boss fight cause I got nervous and fell into the lava haha but this is super fun :D

Whew! This took me a while to finish  :P I enjoyed it in the end and I'm looking forward to what the full game has in store. Keep it up devs!

Real nice. It's short yet didn't fail to give me the creeps! The ending's mysterious  too, I like how it's up to the player to connect the dots of what happened.

I made a video on it :)

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So. Addicting.

I tried to play this last year, that didn't end well. But I revisited it a year later and here it is! Great game, actually enjoyed it after gathering the courage to play it :)

Pure art! You did an absolutely wonderful job on this Lox. I loved
every second, I got one ending and plan to make a video on at least
another ending :)

I really admire how much work went into this! Also the story is A+ even though I didn't get it at first ;P

10/10 m8

This is so beautiful. I went in expecting to love it, and went out absolutely loving it. 10/10 Sounds, visuals, and game play. I had no problems with it whatsoever, the ending was vague but I didn't mind, still love it! Great job on this, I hope to see more from you guys :)

I love this game. It made me laugh a lot. Thank you for making this!

I love this game. It made me laugh a lot. Thank you for making this!

I played this game from your gamejolt page and I didn't realize it was on here too! Just wanna say that this was a nice game and experience. I knew about CFS and this brought more of an insight on the life of someone who has this syndrome. Good job on the execution!

This was fun =) And gosh I love the art style! I made a video on it if you don't mind heh