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Quite fun! I wanted to make a video on it but I couldn't even get past 2 stages haha but it is very fun. I'd love to see how it develops so you got yourself a follower here :P Great job so far! Keep it up and good luck

10/10 m8

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This is so beautiful. I went in expecting to love it, and went out absolutely loving it. 10/10 Sounds, visuals, and game play. I had no problems with it whatsoever, the ending was vague but I didn't mind, still love it! Great job on this, I hope to see more from you guys :)

I love this game. It made me laugh a lot. Thank you for making this!

I love this game. It made me laugh a lot. Thank you for making this!

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I played this game from your gamejolt page and I didn't realize it was on here too! Just wanna say that this was a nice game and experience. I knew about CFS and this brought more of an insight on the life of someone who has this syndrome. Good job on the execution!

Wow! This is amazing! :D You're really good at drawing

This was fun =) And gosh I love the art style! I made a video on it if you don't mind heh

I hate horror games but this, is reaaaaaally good and not super duper terrifying which I loved so I got through the first chapter! Hooray! I'm looking forward to the next chapter devs! I have a feeling it's gonna get better :D