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Oh, is that so? Thank goodness 😌

I've thought it was because the game wasn't compatible with my laptop 😅

Thanks for let me know, I'll try re-installing it 😁

*edit: Hey, so I'm already look at the folder and try to re-installing the game. Still didn't work, and the program file you mentioned before doesn't lost or anything, it's still there. I guess it means the game really don't compatible with my laptop afterall 😥

Hey. Sorry it was sudden but, I want to ask a solution about this game.

Everytime I tried to open the game, it just doesn't want to properly opened. I'm really stuck here.😥

And there was some warning that saying: "Script 'Chainsawkitten's Disable F1, Alt+Enter, 'line 17: RuntimeError occured.

LoadLibrary: System/F1AltEnterF12"

I'm already installed the fonts that was inside the game, but it still didn't work. Is this some kind of error or something? Please tell me, what should I do??? 😢

Wow, one of the deepest game I've ever played for a long time 😆

Btw, I'm from Indonesian as well~ It's pretty rare to see the same fellow at this site, not that many as the creator though 😗

Wish you the best luck of all time 😁😁😁

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Oh, don't worry! I'm just glad that you finally reply my message. I thought you wouldn't 😅

Thank you for the tips, and I don't know you can find some ammo around that area, I will note that 🤔

Also, I will wait for your next game! (If you planned that of course) I'm really love this game afterall 😍

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Can you give me  any hint on how to beat that giga boss slime at the end left room? Every time I tried to push myself to beat it, I just ran out of ammo (and I tried to cheat it, but it won't work after all 😑).

Please help me! 🙇

Never though I would get a hell at the ending, and gosh, seriously? It's 3-5 hours non-stop! 😧

What kind of idea you got that you make this kind of game anyway? 😆

Good games from my perspecitve, kinda remind me with some friends. Good job at making this game! 👍☺

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Somehow I can feel my head spinning around after play this, maybe becauze of the contrast. But it's not a bad game :-D

Keep up the good work >u<