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A member registered Jun 23, 2019

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The most interesting looking game on game jam, good job!

Pretty nice concept, I like how the game is not too hard, and pretty relaxing overall, would like to see the continuation as a full game, with more characters to interact, stuff to do, maybe some sort of different "chapters".

A few downsides, game really really REALLY need "fast forward" button, it's not much fun to wait for a character to move from desk when you've done everything else during the day, or just waiting till 5pm to move to the next stage of the game.

Also there was a bug with showing all crafting recipies... I didn't see the last two, but I could select them, so that's a plus )

Anyway, you've made a pretty good small game, it was pleasure to play it, I didn't finish it, it was too much of a chore to wait ) "fast forward" button is needed, or maybe more thing to do, but that's probably not for this small game, but maybe for a next one ;) Good luck with your future project, and take care.