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Awesome mechanic :O Great work!!

You should work to improve yourself so it doesn't happen in real life :P :P 

Thanks, usually in the past I don't make artwork, so this was a major hurdle for me. Although the art is very simple and it's just 1 piece with 3 variants, I'm very proud of it :) Thanks also for the compliment on gameplay - although idle games aren't revolutionary and I think there are major problems, I didn't want to make a combat game or remake something else with a 'time' theme.

I'm Australian but I travel around SEA all the time, now I'm in Indonesia eating so much sate :DDDD

RIP: It's very important to eat food!

You can recover by resting and working, but once you are starved it's slow :P

Thanks, the colors were tricky but everyone's entries turned out really impressive! There's something to be said for restriction inspiring creativity ^^

Oh no! I hope you can sleep better and your life becomes a little more interesting :P

The art on this game is really awesome! There are some bugs and problems but overall a really great job!

So cute! You are doing a great job!