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That's great, but it doesn't address this issue.

I can't seem to install this game. I click "install" and it briefly says "downloading...", but then it stops and the game hasn't been installed.

When I hit the play button, nothing appears except a "fast forward" button and a "reload" button.

I immediately get a "download error" when I try to install this through the itch client.

Yep, Windows thing is fixed now. (Thanks!) As far as the download link, what I mean is that I don't see a download link on the game page as viewed in the itch client; that's normal, except in games where the install button doesn't work for some reason, in which case I would expect to see a separate download link somewhere. That's the only reason I brought it up; the install button works now, so it's not relevant anymore.

It still says it's not available for Windows, and I don't see any download links.