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So are we looking at Q4 2017 or Q1 2018?

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This page is my first time learning of Scratches & Bites, which in turn is how I realized that the titles taken together are an anagram of BDSM. That explains so much.

I also didn't know about the prequel, and I am so happy about it because I want to know all about Kim and Terry's relationship!

Ah, I see. Thanks!

I don't really know what you mean by "event scene illustration" either. ^^" Could you explain further?

I don't know what a CG is. ^^

I absolutely loved this demo — though I didn't realize it was a demo, and when I got to the end and IM'd my friend, "GODDAMMIT IT'S A DEMO. AAAAAGH", he responded, "I think I heard that scream from here", because I'd been talking about this game and singing its praises for the entire hour I'd been playing it.

I adored this. The art is beautiful; the dialogue and characters feel both real and interesting. This game has a level of polish, finesse, and enjoyability that I'm not sure I've ever seen in a visual novel, and I am in love with it for that.

To give some more details as to how I felt about this game, some of what I had to say to my friend whilst playing it was:

"The characters and setting feel very realistic, and holy shit, everyone is so good-looking. And the guy who I'm hoping is gonna be the primary love interest, Ayumu, is so adorable and sweet and pleasant to be around…"

"I like Kim because he looks equally attractive whether you assume he's a man or a woman. People who are that perfectly androgynous are very rare and I loooove theeeem."

"Damn, Kim is a really realistic character… I mean, they all are, but usually people who make these games have no fucking clue how to portray the daily life and inner thoughts of an actual fucking adult. … [I]t's refreshing to play a game that feels like I'm looking at someone's actual life…"

"Shaaaane! Shane is so cute."

"Ffs Kim. How can someone have such a great smile AND such a great frown? … He actually looks really oddly sexy when he feels bad about something, because then he frowns and casts his eyes down to the right and I just want to hug him."

"Damn, whoever made these sprites is amazing."

"Wow, this conversation literally is almost making me cry."