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Your art and asset pack are always awesome, unfortunately you have too many new packs and such, while never giving enough of any pack for a complete game. Your Tiny Adventure packs are the closest to a complete set, but, you still need an weapon, armor, and items pack. Thanks for your hard work on these. Sorry, if this seems bitchy, I did not mean to be.

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I had already purchased last summer, the Dungeon Tileset and Monster Pack...

I sent Pita requesting a few extra packs that I had ideas for, and he knocked this one out, this Village Tileset.

This is just as awesome as those.

My game will be released soon, and then I will be looking to do a sequel, and will have to purchase those again for that. I will use this purchase for my sequel along with the others.

Thanks, Pita

p.s. Any thoughts on my other requested items? [Bosses, Items, Monster Pack 2, NPC's, Undead Pack]


I purchased both of your packs, and on November 3-4th, I streamed Unity Game Development on Twitch on a game project using your art. I did the stream for the Extra-Life charity 24 hour even and gave you credit for the  graphics and art.

I want to continue this project, but need some other assets in this style for that. So I thought I would propose those to you, to see if they were something you could complete, so that everyone on could buy them as well.

1. An Items pack, we have a very limited amount of items in what you have done in these two packs. We need more weapon and armor types, crafting and other items. Think of things an RPG would need to be complete.

2. A Creatures/NPC/Boss pack, again we have 5 base Creatures, only 2 NPCs and 0 bosses in your two packs. Your Zombie, feels off compared to the other creatures. This could be broken down into a couple of different packs.

3. More Tile Art Fluff, you have a couple rocks, a few flowers, a bush... but, I feel we need more of this type of ground clutter to make the maps seem less empty; to allow for more richness in look and feel.

4. We also need UI elements so that we can build a user interface, for things like: inventory, character, stats, spells, skill trees, etc...

Of course all of these need to maintain the same look, feel and art style of your other items. I feel some of your Dungeon pieces, break into looking futuristic and drift from the rest of the fantasy items.

I do love the simplicity and style of your art and let everyone on my stream know it was your art, and showed your pages. So I hope this helps you some.

I hope you take my feedback as constructive criticism; I did not mean to offend in any way.

Thanks, Norfic

The new dirt tileset shown above that you added 42 days ago, is not in the current Download file.

Can I get this file from someplace?


I was interested in a clarification on the rules, as I did not see any posted anyplace.

I am specifically interested in assets (art and audio) and if we can use items we purchase or get through Creative Commons, or must the assets be created during the week by one of our team members? Either is fine with me, I just want to limit scope based on this clarification.