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Of course I sure. Games and other projects contained shaders still work.

Demo not work. Error text:

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: sh_night

D3DXCompile failed - result

at gml_Object_o_shader_start_Draw_0

:) I don`t demand an instant result. I just want to know, it possible or not. Thanks for that, I will wait.

3 days ago. Please, tell me something.

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Thanks for that, but is only half of problem. How about the pop-up window? Our project not have any tabs, and all target=_blank opened from different window. The main window hangs.
I propose to suppress this functionality and open all the links in the main window


Try to surf the "" website. This is terribly

You know, you are the best :). Big thanks!

P.S. Today I will test this. I hope for an early release of a stable version.

I see that I misunderstood the meaning of this function, I do not need the status of the request at the moment. I need to get the current code of the current page in a variable in order to find the necessary information in it. Besides, it would be very cool to get not the original code (before the java script is executed and others), namely the current one, which is generated by all the scripts on the page. Is this possible?

emm... sorry, but why chromium_get_last_http_code() always return "0", not source code of the page?

Thanks for that!
It is much more convenient.

Oh, Thanks for the answer.

Have you tried some optimization? The project consumes a lot of CPU resources 25-70% is very much. Is it possible to use some hardware acceleration?

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I have already been told how you can do what I need. To open a line as an HTML page without saving it. Instead of an address, you can use the following lines:
data:text/html;base256,<b>hello world</b>
It will be executed as HTML. Also, it works in browser (in the address bar)

These asset works great. Tell me please, it possible to create a new function?
I need some like: open_string_as_page(str)
Important! Without somewhere saving a file.

Known issues:

  • Cannot be run from inside Gamemaker. Please export your game as a zip to run it. (For some reason, running this from within GM causes some open dialogs to appear, and the DLL to not work).

now I see. Thanks ))

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Hi, it looks great, but i have a Bug.
When i start project, i see many of "Open a file" dialogs like this: Screenshot

and "address string" are blinking every time...