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Ok so for anyone wondering i Checked every dev twitter account and it seems that theyre still active which means that theyre probably still working on the game but are very occupied (or just gave up on the Project) one thing that tells that one of the devs is still occupied is one of Lemon's post on twitter which says "Just got promoted on job today" maybe theyre still working on the game or the Project was abandoned with no updates

Edit: The last update was on July 01 2022 which means that theyre probably (maybe still working on the game) if not thats sad it had a lot potential or maybe somebody can take the Project and complete it

ok im fine with that :)

This game in my opinion is a 9/10 its really good (for me) but theres a lack of exploration you should add a free mode where you would go through locations talk with characters maybe do quests and earn money or resources for the base and then after some time you would do the entire histoty of the especific part :)

Question will a mobile Version come out one day?