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nevermind i got it working

i just downloaded the game and booted it up it started but theres no game its just a white screen

amazing game really fun

this is a really fun game the game feels great to control the life system is really cool the combat and movement options are really fun. but one thing that i would like to see is that many a new enemy. and sometimes the camera turns around when i climb up a ledge and it is really annoying but this is alpha so i assume that will get fixed. all and all i would give it a 4./5 good job

really fun game i like how the monster telegraphs itself, its one of the better indie games ive played

really cool game the ai works really well

another question how do i get to the game once i extract the zip file


where is your github page

how do you move

great i have died a lot

oh boy first person

did you get paid?