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Nooty Hooman

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The challenge is what made it so special when I beat the end boss

great game. You should add the option of saving up the coins you get during battle, outside of the battle so you can buy special upgrades/items e.g. money magnets, skins 

This was a really fun game, but I found it very easy after I played a bit. I hope the next version will come with much more challenging levels. 

Overall a great game. Though it is quite confusing, so it would be awesome if you made the ships a bit larger, maybe the slightest bit slower gameplay. The corners are however very confusing and it is really hard to know when exactly you're meant to turn, so with that there are certainly improvements in the controls to be made. Maybe in the future, a larger variety of tracks and give the tracks themes? Make the turns smoother and less confusing, maybe you could add modes?