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As fun as the game is, my ADHD cannot handle having a perfect stack of coins and then there being like 1 coin stuck behind my cards, there should be a way to hide cards or just make coins less annoying.

Still a fun game, just a personal thing

For those wondering, the conversation and stat choices don't affect who your mentor is, it is based off of who you ride with to the spire, the rest are purely just stats and special dialogue for who you ride with.

Sero: +1 to all stats

Cenric: +2 strength and agility

Varyn:  +2 perception and persuasion 

The Sans Waterfall Bench encounter can be repeated, and it appears to be the same every time

When you first meet Yasir, when he tells you about the thieves, you have his name as Anwar for some of the Saloon portion

If you know, you know

If you don't, you poor innocent soul

I think there is a texture glitch on the mcs chin, it turns the chin grey and fuzzy. It could be a beard, but it doesn't look like it

Also It feels weird that Rea calls 320 not enough, when she seems surprised when we promise 200

Good game, my biggest complaint is that it's hard to tell what's internal and outer monologue, I could be missing something but maybe make internal a darker shade or something 

Question, when you have Ryuji and Ann as routes, do you just mean story routes or romanceable routes 

No, but I'm playing on a laptop without a mouse, so it's pretty inconvenient to use some controls 

Can you make it a button or allow keybinds as you need a mouse to easily view their effects

If you mean erotic NSFW, then not really, only implied romances and implied adult concepts(not shown)

It has dark themes such as overdrinking, violence, abuse, death, illnesses and some horror/dark concepts(drowning, lose of family, dead children, etc)

old comment but hope it help

You should have at least 1 of each tile on each map or else some missions are just impossible such as apple farms without water, spent 30mins just for no water.

A weird glitch happens where if you stack cards, some of them will be stuck on the mouse and the game will randomly make your cards disappear while unstacking them.  

"you'll make more friends than you lose." Do you just tell your friends you nut on your wifes face or do the deed in front of them?

Thanks for understanding, another issue I have is that there is nothing such as naming, time  or just chapter/setting name on the save files, making it harder to find the specific save file you want. 

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I found what it was. 

1. Save before name select and after

2. Load before name select

3. Load a different save

4. Check character sheet

This seems to be fixed when given lord/lady/laird title.

If there is any mistakes I made or sound mean,  sorry. It's my first comment on itch and am stressed with work and tests.

There seems to be a slight glitch where if you load a save file, you name will become "first name here". I'm at the first 10-5 choices and chose "Alexis" and custom names , so it might change with different names or later in game.