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I've never had the most fun in a HORROR GAME EVER this was FUCKIN INSANE I LOVE IT! YOU CAN SEE IT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY GAMEPLAY, AND THE FACT IT IS YOUR FIRST??? Not only are the designs, models, interactivity sooo well done but... well yeah that's pretty much it lol. THE GAME ITSELF IS SOO WELL DONE. I l love the character models, the simplicity of it all, and I had too much fun interacting with the objects so thank you for that. I love the prop books too, and how I tried to read the titles. Are the three house owners supposed to be you guys who made the game?


my recorder settings got fudged so i ended up with a more pixel render out of it which I think doesn't hurt the viewing experience of the video but yeah HERE'S TO ANYONE WHO MIGHT WANNA CHECK IT OUT. And to the game devs, I am stoked to see what youse put out soon and I hope it's another fun horror like this one

PHILIP please finish the game, i cant wait to play it
im genuinely interested to see how the game turns out

game is heckin cool that i made a video on it. you should be proud as i am proud of you 

GOD THE JUMPSCARES ARE TOO GOOD! The atmosphere, everything is VERY WELL DONE.

I love this game so much and had a ton of fun with it as you can see here. IT's such a simple yet effective game, with a good story. You've done well with this. Good job. MOLTO BENE
You were able to make such an entertaining, interesting game in just a short amount of time that I was able to play and have fun with it For 15 MINUTES

Only complaint is how easy it is for me to get stuck at corners but either way I absolutely love this, watching my gameplay you'll see me curse at the game because of how scary it is SO THAT MEANS THE GAME IS FUCKIN GOOD! SPOILER ALERT! but I love how you twisted the PT style by having the loops have a jumpscare everytime with em, instead of going thru the loop like nothing. it gets boring. you used jumpscares to your advantage and it worked for me I loved it. I honestly didn't even realize I was progressing through the game but luckily I kept going. Galing mo talaga Pre!

THANKS FOR THE GAME! I love it. It's a simple, short yet effective horror game with scares from inanimate objects. I find it funny how you legit got me scared at something that doesn't even move or make much of a threat lol. Totally got nauseous after the game because of how intense I was breathing all throughout.
Also Just read that there are two endings so now I'm intrigued to find out what the other one is. Either way 4/5

fuckin love this game, so simple yet so fun and the music is soo eerie good 

TRIED THE GAME OUT and I had tons of fun, i love the randomness of this lmao

I actually had fun with this lmao I loved it,, I even made a gameplay of it if you wanna check it out

anyway i made a gameplay of it! HERE IT IS!

Great concept but couldn't make it through, I'm stuck at Takahashi-san in the cubicle 

Love the game, concise but effective. The ambience and graphics are great. 

I always know to sleep with the lights on but SPOILER ALERT the ending told me otherwise