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That's great!  I hope to hear how it goes over!

Many of the rules are written to be a bit on the vague side so the "rules" don't box you in to something that doesn't work with your story.  If you come across some gray areas then just do what fits best.

For any roll that creates a new faction I would consider them a completely new entity, however, there's a few instances where you could consider them merged.  The hive creating a monster is one of those instances, it could be a new queen that still lives with the hive, or, you could treat it as an ally that still rolls separately between ages but treats the hive as an ally and works together.  Basically, it's up to whoever rolls to create the story and meaning of that result.

There are a few things that are meant to be map "beautifiers" and the shrine would be one of them.  Little things like monuments, shrines, & landmarks to help add some fantasy character to the map.   

You can also use shrines as an excuse to get your gods more involved in the story.  The Pantheon section doesn't really do anything for the game unless you choose to use them.  They are there to help you get ideas and create stories for certain groups.  (New cult pops up and have a god of the moon. Maybe they're werebeasts?)

Heroes is something I've been thinking about for a long time but I haven't figured the best way to implement them.  Either way, they'll be more for story than actually doing much to sway a roll or faction.

Thanks for the questions, I hope I've been somewhat helpful.


Nice! Did you use the free Inkarnate assets or do you own the subscription?

Great map!  I love seeing how the pen & paper ones turn out.  

How’d your 5 year old take it?  I’m not sure mine would be patient enough. :)

Fantastic looking map!  That’s going to take forever, lol!

I like the idea of adding a government system, a simple roll could add a lot of story into the empires.  Good idea!

I just want to make sure you got my response, my email is 

I will be updating the eras a bit next time, but that was just a mistake.  

Fixed now, thank you!

Nice!  How did the 4 year old do with it?  I haven’t tried playing with my 4 year old, I’m not sure she’d have the patience. 😂


Be careful switching the dice around, it’s balanced to have some results pop up more often than some.  You may end with an extra crazy world, which might be a lot of fun 😂

great looking map!  You really filled it out very nicely

Not too brash at all, and I appreciate the thoughts.  I’m still working on adding more to it to hopefully help with filling out the map a bit better, incorporate deities, and most importantly, add more variety to the rolls.

The challenge is trying to come up with a way to create a fun and simple fantasy map but with as much depth and story as possible, without going too overboard.


fixed, thank you!

Thanks! I’ll be adding a few more things in to hopefully add more pantheon integration.  As of right now it’s more of an optional thing to add a bit more story into your world.

You can use the email in the pdf, thanks again!

sure, that’d be great!

Thanks!  it's 7 times for each player.

Thank you for the suggestions, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

I'm working my way to build a bit more depth into the game but I always overdo it and have to go back and simplify, so I'll get there!

I added the 3d6 to try and alleviate some of the duplicates but you're going to get quite a few similar rolls throughout the game.  Nothing wrong with a reroll from time to time though, it's your world.  I'm trying to avoid any "ignore the dice rolls" rules though, I think even though annoying sometimes, it makes for some interesting worlds.

I've had a few comments coming through about making minor factions a little more interesting.  I added the quick "add a settlement" line after each era to help a little but I need to spend more time on it.  I'll probably add a d6 roll at the end of each era but I'm trying to take the updating in sections.

I was hoping to see a hex map in here at some point!  It looks great, and very discernable geographies.

Very cool, I completely missed that one when I was searching for similar map making things.  Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! Next update is planned around adding deities to the world.  I working on a way to add these sort of details in without overwhelming the game and taking away the simplicity of it.

Your drawing skills are incredible!  Folks would pay for a map like that 😀

Nice!  I haven't seen a lot of 4 empire games, gotta really squeeze them in there :D

Wow! Great looking map!

I didn't think of Roll20, great idea!

Nice!  What program did you use for the map, is that

Go for it!  You can also break a map up into 12 parts, one for each major faction and play it out. Would take a very long time though!

*Update 8/7/21

I've added a "game length" section at the bottom of the rulebook.  Let me know how these play out if you go for something other than Standard.  

If you have more than 2 or 3 empires you may need a bigger piece of paper, and more time in the day!

fixed!  thank you

Wow! That’s a great looking map 😀

I’ve played through many games but never managed to get an empire fully killed off.  What was the final roll that burned the capital?

ah, good catch.  I’ve been working on tidying up a few other spots as well, I’ll get an update posted shortly.

I think it'd work great for d&d campaigns.  Possibly done along with your players to help get them invested into the world.

If you do send a picture, I'd like to see that.  You can share it here or #mappaimperium on twitter

Yours was great, sound effects were fantastic  :D

I'll be streaming several of the entries soon, I could use some help picking out which to play:

Nice!  Keep up the awesome content!