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Yeah, I didn't make the game not resizable but it shouldn't be. Thanks for the report!

The artwork looks fantastic, and I'll edit this when I get a chance to play the game. Sadly, there's no OSX or Linux version to play. It'll have to wait until I get to my desktop.

I got blobbered on level 5 with four treasures! XD  Fun game. It was neat trying to strategize my path between several bad guys at once all coming for me! 

My only real complaints are the alerts when you check the chests and stuff. I just personally don't like js alerts. Horrible flashbacks of crummy js based ads in the early 2000s :P

Fun game, it reminds me of Doom as well lol

Yeah, it was mostly about dodging. I planned on adding something like an invulnerability potion that stores up and then you can use them by tapping the screen, but I ended up getting the worst cold of my life two weeks ago and am still not 100%, which has taken a hit on this project sadly. I'm probably going to keep working on it after the jam to add that and iOS support. Thanks for playing!