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I am but a smol bean

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he's a n g y

10/10 free game that does a service to all free games. 

I remembered first finding this game on, and you've done a fine job since the last time I played! Character dialogue is on point. Animation is good. Story is well thought of. There's nothing really that I don't like about this game! I can tell that love and time had been put into this, and I thank you for it. ❤

You deserve it sis. *toasts imaginary ice cream* 🍦

Adorable! Whoever the dialogue writer is give them some love. 

ambiguous bits/10


I absolutely love the little sqoosh whenever the plushies roll over!! It's a small detail, but greatly appreciated nonetheless. 💖

SHE *clap* GOT *clap* THAT *clap* RE-*clap*-PRE-*clap*-SEN-*clap*-TATION THO *authoritative clap*

Holy heckng heck I LOVE IT!!! The soundtrack, art, time period, dialogue,  vocabulary, characters, inclusion -- it's so perfect I can't believe it even exists! *cries into hard liquor*

Much wow.  Such wholesome.  Extreme pure. 11/10 the very best bois.  9/10 I need healing. 

It's a damn shame that this game is free.