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I can't find the download link

I couldn't play the game but thoroughly enjoyed the video that came with it. Please fix it. Sad.

Sound could be a little bit softer for a more enjoyable experience. Also improving the movement speed and jump velocity/gravity would make it more interesting.

I'd change a few things: I'd add doors so that rooms are locked until enemies are beaten and I'd improve some visuals adding shadows/highlights to better indicate wall direction.

Sound design is unbearable and the game would be more enjoyable if tweaked. I liked that "good shit".

The game feels a little bit slow at times. Maybe increasing movement speed and making exploration more rewarding would be good for the final version.

Hey, just played the game. It seems fun but lacks some indication on how to proceed or about the lore of the game itself. Didn't find any skills to use, though.

We're very glad that you enjoyed it! We're a really small studio and we're just starting so we really appreciate you including us in a video and let people know about us.

If you ever want a press copy of any of our products feel free to contact us.

the game should work on Windows 7. We've tested it in both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The game shouldn't need installation, you can play by opening League of the Shield.exe after extracting the zip file.

Could you send us a screenshot of the problem?