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Well, I thought I was doing a good job, being the perfect employee, but apparently not. Plagues ravaging the planet and extinction level event. oops. lol

Short but interesting game, with a nice creepy atmosphere. The first ending had me thinking back to half life.  

This was a fun game. Some tricky but doable puzzles, with a really interesting and fun story. Really like the old black and white style.

I absolutely loved the story. Really hoping to see an episode 3.

I got sooooo lost in that maze I thought I was never going to get out. Really good game though, very unsettling.

Awesome game. Great graphics and atmosphere, and I really liked the story, the guy narrating had a good voice for it.

Did have an issue clicking on door handles though, it was very picky on the position. Same with opening the suitcase.

That was a cool little game. Didn't take too long to realise what was going on, and I loved how we joined the others at the end, lol.

I did have a few issues getting it to run though, crashed a few times.

Damn, that guy was seriously creepy. Had to laugh when the doll was walking, those moves, lol. Some good scary and disturbing moments though, especially the creature down the hall. Really enjoyed it, good work. Hope to see more from you in the future.

Being a fan of the twilight zone and loving point and click games, this was just perfect. Loved every minute of it.

Started out just another average horror short, but then the dolls. Holy hell, that was creepy. I kept expecting them to start moving, had me feeling more than a little nervous walking through them. Good job.

Cool game, nice creepy atmosphere and a couple of good jump scares. Those bodies hanging from the ceiling was disturbing, especially since one of them was moving. Looking forward to playing the full game.

Not a bad game, nice graphics and atmosphere. Some good creepy vibes as the noises got louder behind some closed doors. I didn't unlock those doors lol.

Would have liked to have been able to change the mouse sensitivity, I found it tricky to play. Also, it was quite difficult to see the key in the top hall before getting the torch, might have been better to have it sitting on a more open table. As others have said, Slender didn't really show up much. Still, good game, enjoyed playing it.

Interesting idea for a game. Didn't find it as creepy or scary as I thought it would be, based on some of the comments, although it did have a good little jump scare.

This is a really nice game. Towards the end it was getting very 2001 Space Odyssey which was cool. I really wanted to explore the surroundings, they were beautifully done.

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This is why I still love playing point and click games. Can't wait for the full game. The rubber chicken with a pulley, awesome lol

Short and creepy. That creature was well done,  slow but relentless. Be good to see   a longer more developed version.

I really enjoyed playing this. The style and atmosphere, I love anything dystopian, the pacing, and puzzles that made me use my brain (i don't use it too often lol). Walking through the street made me think of the old Syndicate Wars games.


I'm not a dog person, but holy hell man, that was rough! Some strange jumping going on when I got too close to the dog. Couple of good jump scares though.

I love the art style of this, it works so well. I'd love to see more, but at the same time I think it's perfect as this small little part of the world as Lutums time comes to an end. Hope to see more games in the future.

This is a cool little game. I had fun with the puzzles, especially the one with the games. They weren't too hard but still made you think about it. Only issue I had was hitting the wrong button too often, but that's just me not being used to playing with a controller, lol. So, will this be one level in a larger game?

Hi, gotta say, I really loved this game. I actually played it three times and still felt that unsettling atmosphere, expecting something to suddenly be there. I loved the music on the old gramophone, although I didn't turn it on in this playthrough since it's copyrighted. You guys did an awesome job and I hope to see more games from you.

Hi, short game but cool. I agree with what Adrionic said about making it like an escape room with clues and puzzles. Definitely would love to see a longer game, expanding and explaining more of the story.

This was cool, can't wait to see more. I hope you consider a VR version too, that would be seriously trippy.

Was really getting into this when the demo ended. I enjoy point and click games, especially ones with good stories and atmosphere like this. When do you think the whole game will be out? Looking forward to playing properly and really getting into the story.

WTF did I just play? lol. I don't know what it is about this game, the animation style, the calming music or what... but I could play this all day. Awesome job.

I don't know what you did to your game, but after playing it I can't get it off my computer. Even after a restart, I can't remove your files. I advise caution to anyone else wanting to try out this game.

This reminded me of running around Xen in Half Life. I know it was made for a jam, but I really hope you expand the game as I would love to see more. 

Hi, I'm currently playing your game and ran into an issue. I unlocked the front door and now I'm outside and under the house..

Hi, can I make a suggestion? When the player walks into a wall can you make it so the walking sound effects stops? At one point in the game I thought I was walking down a long dark corridor, but when I turned around I noticed I hadn't actually gone anywhere, I was just face planting a black wall. lol

I did manage to find my way out though, probably more luck than anything as I got so lost in the darkness. Part of me wants to play again to see if I missed anything, I'm sure I did. But part of me doesn't want to get lost in the darkness again. I don't mean this in any negative way though, it really does make for a good horror game. Good job.

Found this game after playing Shiver.  That wind really makes you feel isolated. The atmosphere was great and I have to admit, I jumped more than once. You guys really need to make more games.

Really enjoyed playing this game, took me back to the old days of point and click. Some of the best horror movies and games work on suspense and atmosphere rather than cheap jump scares and slashing, and that's what I love about this game. We know there is something out there, but it's not in our face every second. The puzzles were good, although I did derp a little at times. I would love to see more.


Love this game. Didn't get too far though, too many jump scares and I had a heart attack. lol At one point I didn't know if it was the game characters heart or my own that I was hearing pounding. I'll definitely be playing this again, hopefully with a little less panic, and actually survive the night.

Of all the backrooms games I've played, I have to say this is my favourite. I love the idea of following in the footsteps of another lost soul in there, hearing him slowly lose all hope. And that last room... Won't spoil it for others.

If anyone is still deciding whether or not to download the game, you should do it. 

Hi, really liked this game, got a few jump scares. Played it a few times now and almost felt like I was actually losing my mind at times. Had to stop a few times when the floor started moving. Not sure I want to play it in VR, but only because it is disturbing enough as it is. That's a good thing lol.

Hi, I think you did a really good job of creating a claustrophobic atmosphere in this game with just enough creep to make me feel uncomfortable. Would love to see more.

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I really wanted to see more. Understand the game was made in a week though, so I hope you're treating this as a bit of a demo or teaser. I'd love to see you take the time to expand the game, open up more of the school to explore.

I added my own gameplay here and you can see how I wanted to explore more. lol

Someone else already suggested adding the ability to turn off the destination marker. I agree. Not knowing where you're going encourages you to explore the area more, especially if you do keep working on it and open more for exploration and story.

Hi there, have to say I really loved this game. The lonely atmosphere, the music from the record player, the creepy vibes and little jump scares. At the end I captured the flag and killed the server, because although I felt bad for the dev guy losing his wife and trying to get her back, he said himself she would be set free if the game ended. I'm posting my video playthrough here, and you can see how I hesitated at the end. lol. I might reset it and see what else happens.

I did have a few issues at the start though. First 3 or 4 times I tried to start it crashed. No idea way. Still, 10/10