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Another brilliant game. Great art style, puzzles and story. Wasn't expecting that ending, it was really sad. I loved it.

Have to admit, I really don't get the SCP games, but I hope the community wins the legal fight.

Really enjoyed playing this, can't wait for the full game. 

Just like The Night is Darkening, this game leaves me wanting more. Hope you keep making games.

Playing this after playing the Midnight Scenes games. I love the art style and the puzzles were interesting. Really enjoyed playing.

Short but good. Nice atmosphere and loved the ending lol.

I liked the game but felt it could have been better. You expect games to be a bit more interactive, but a lot of time the player has no real control. I feel it would have been a bit more immersive if we could at least look around instead of having a fixed camera.

Well, that was... short. lol Cool idea though.

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This game is weird and absolutely brilliant. I love the art style. The characters make me think of David Firths Salad Fingers.

To be honest, didn't really think much of the jump scares, maybe I've just played too many horror games. However, I did like the game, it has an interesting story, and I'd like to see more.

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I really like the idea of this game, mannequins and dolls are great in horror when done well. However, I found the game too dark to play in, and the flashlight didn't make much of a difference. Also found a bit of a glitch. When I walked into the lit room with the desk I ended up in the locked dark room. I see development is on hold, but I hope you come back to it and maybe make a change in the lighting.

Short, strange, silly and fun. Good game.

Not bad for a short game. Wasn't the easiest to figure out what needed to be done though.

Just played the demo and I loved it. Dark, sad and funny. Have to get the full game now as I really want to see how it all turns out.

That was a seriously creepy game, especially with the music box. I loved how the toy car moved on it's own when the music played.

Usually I hate getting lost in mazes, but the atmosphere and the chase, knowing you can't slow down or stop to think about where you're going without getting caught, really intensified the game for me. 

Beautiful game, really liked the artwork. The puzzles were good, not too hard but still make you think about it.

Enjoyed the demo. Nice atmosphere and ambient sounds. Enemy was a bit hard to kill, even with the gun. I actually played a second time and attacked with the machete. Nearly died and played the rest of the game with a red screen and no way to heal. Maybe consider adding a few med packs to the game.

Short game with a great atmosphere and a story that leaves you wanting more. Would be great if you would expand the game, allow us to explore more islands and get more of the history of the Angel War.

This game is a real work of art, it's amazing. Makes me think of Jan Švankmajer. The little puzzles were interesting, but really I was more into the animation of it. Awesome.

Really enjoyed this game. Loved the idea of mixing the more simple 2D stick man with 3D backgrounds. The puzzles were great and fun to work out. Looking forward to the full game.


I liked the game, had some creepy moments and good atmosphere. However, there were a couple of moments that I found a bit silly that kind of killed the vibes for a bit, like the sound effect from the bear. Still, it was a good game. I remember years ago getting caught in a bit of a dream loop, where I kept waking up in my room and seeing a figure walking towards my bed. I think I woke up about 4 times before I actually woke up for real. When you get a dream like that it makes you question if you're actually awake or not.

Loved the style and the characters. The puzzles where great, not too easy but not too hard. It's great that the characters had a voice rather than just the text, gave them more character and personality.

This is a cool little game, I really enjoyed it. Do you plan on adding more to it? I'd love to see more levels added, maybe getting a little trickier with the jumps and traps. Also, as Fellowplayer already suggested, maybe add a little ambient sound or music.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of the romance type games, but I really liked the look of this one and I love sci fi so thought I'd give it a go. I'm glad I did. The art style is beautiful and I was really getting into the story when the chapter ended. I just wanted to keep playing. Like I said, not into the romance, so I don't pick any of those options, but I still have a favourite character, lol. I want to know more about Damon. Can't wait for more.

Really liked this game. Nice quality graphics in an awesome looking environment. Great atmosphere, gave a real feeling of isolation, and the android dude was quite threatening. The one thing I felt didn't work well was the timer. It was too long. I had found a way out with still plenty of time left on the clock. I think it would be better with a shorter timer and a real threat of being chased in the corridors, having to hide and avoid. Still a really good game though with a cool ending.

That was an interesting story. I ended up with the child soldier, but going to play again with the other options and see the other endings. Nice art style too.

Not having a PS4 I never got to play the original, although I did watch others play it on youtube. Getting to experience the game first hand is so much more intense, there were a few truly terrifying moments. Thanks for making this.

I played a couple of times and in one gameplay I walked through the door but didn't go through to the next part. Seems like I fell through the game.

Short and cute, with just enough creep. loved it. :)

Nice little game. Felt like I was actually going snow blind. The ending wasn't too much of a surprise, but it was still good. 

Short but enjoyable little game. Great atmosphere and music. The creature outside, just standing there was pretty creepy.

This was a lot of fun for a short game. Only managed 34 points though.

Can't get it to work, crashes within a minute every time.

I really liked this game, nice atmosphere and good story. I did use the camera, but I'm not sure if I was capturing anything important. There were a few lighting issues when trying to read some of the notes, a couple were too dark. Still, very enjoyable game.

why is your game so invasive? I can understand it wanting to be able to use notepad, but why was it trying to get at my antivirus and malware software?

That was cool. Best part for me was the knock on the door and looking through the peephole. You know it's always a bad idea to do that in a horror, so it made me nervous, lol.

This was a bit of a weird game, but it was cool. I liked the puzzles, especially the colour portals one, although the puzzle seemed a bit pointless once you see the right portal has an arrow anyway. Sad story though.

That was good. You actually got me to jump a couple of times. I really liked the hallway of doors. And only now that I came back to comment did I realise I could have used the torch, although not being able to see the end of the hallway was probably better. Fear of the unknown and all that.

Not sure if carrying out the last task was the right thing to do or not. It felt right to help put an end to what appeared to be suffering, but did I just damn everyone else? I'd love to know more about the world and the war.