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A member registered May 28, 2017

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Ver. 0.2.9c.

Ridiculously huge amount of pretty basic enemies ( or is it that their missles are limited in range and useless too?), limited amount of almost useless missiles and broken mouse-keyboard control - that's what I feel about alpha demo of this game.

Does it fun and entertaining - maybe yes, until gamer realise that even the slightest maneuver will make enemy MISSile miss. Same applies to gamer's MISSiles. Consider HUGE number of enemies that gamer is going to handle with almost zero support from AI wingman - and all such things turn potentially fun game into  constant boring "turn-launch your missile-get enemy lock warning signal - make Split-S/High-G barell roll -goto 1".

So I managed to destroy something around five squadrons without being a  hit and after that I found myself stuck in constant loop with a great number of enemy aircrafts without any missiles and almost empty guns ammo. After ~10 minutes of such interesting gameplay without any hope to finish first mission I made a mistake that was fatal. Because of lack of any checkpoints I found absolutely no reason to start first mission again.  I found this version much more tedious than hard - that's a GAME btw.

I should also note the clunky mouse control scheme - sometimes "virtual pilot" do strange things like flying upside down instead of making the roll, and that  makes guns usage very hard in comparison to just keyboard. 

Seems to be not my kind of game. Good luck with development.

PS. R7 1700 + GTX1070 - 120-130 fps@ FullHD max preset (as expected).