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Really good game! An endless runner where you collect tickets and jump on monsters. I like the pants feature. I didn't realise he didn't have pants until I got pants lol. 

Found a bug for ya!

This is a really good and fun game! 

I got to wave 7 before getting blown up by a roly poly. I'll be keeping this and playing it more. The music's awesome too.

This was really really fun. Thank you.

I think it's really cool that you made a second one of this. Keep it up.

Pretty fun game. It would be cool if there were an ending though.

Really cool game, and I like how I can control the wind.

Is there any way to play this with touchpad?

That was really creative! I liked all the ways I could kill the dinosaurs and scissors

Nice! I really wish you could choose the color of you and the dragon though.

When I tried to open it I got an error. Here it is. 


card.lua:40: attempt to index global 'cardHoverSound' (a nil value)


card.lua:40: in function 'update'
hand.lua:25: in function 'update'
update.lua:14: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

It would be a cool game if there were an end to it. It's still pretty cool but it would be cooler.

Meh. Pretty basic word game not gonna lie.

Cool I guess. It's a never ending jump-rope game.

I walked off a gap and now I'm falling forever. Help?

Huh. Pretty fun if your bored. Other than that? I don't suggest it.

I'm really not sure what to do in this game. I explored the entire map and couldn't find anything. I talked to every citizen but I didn't have anything to say. Help?

I was able to play this on pc just fine.


Sort of like Smashy Road, you have to avoid the cops with various powerups.

Pretty fun with great music.

This is a really fun game!

You have to shoot zombies and different dangerous creatures, like knights and such, with boss battles this is really fun. If you miss your shot they become bubbles that can hurt you. There's no end but there is a score.

I recommend. 

In this game you have to code to move,  shoot,  upgrade, and dodge. There's no end but there is a score. (19130 baby!) 

Would definitely recommend 

This game...How do I describe this? 

Well I mean...Your a monkey. That's pretty much it.

Super fun and time consuming.

I've been play for an hour destroying those stupid rip-off shapes. In this game you can play as three shapes, Square, Circle, And Triangle and defeat rip-off shapes for as long as you want, since there is no end. 

I recommend it.

Fun and short!

A game where you have to collect all the triangles on both sides and then get on the green things at the same time.

I'd recommend it.

It's sorta fun, but could use some improvements. 

It's a fun game but I don't like how you have to charge your gun up and can't respawn. I'd recommend it if your bored but that's about it.

Super good and fun game! 

While there's no ending, you have to get your grandma across multiple dangerous streets by punching the cars away. If one of the cars hits Granny, she dies and you lose. You can also get powerups which help you protect Granny.

This is a really addicting game and super fun. Keep it up!


This game...Is beautiful! The controls are easy. The graphics are amazing. 

The point of the game is simple too, use crystals and sticks to keep the fire going, if it goes out, you lose. You have to fight off monsters so they do'nt eat the fire also. 

I really recommend this game.

Really short game. 

It's a card game where every time you place a card something random pops up, like gremlins, and you have to find and kill your target. 

If your bored I recommend it, but it's about a minute long. Still a really fun game.

Is there anyway to play this with touchpad?

Action packed, and pretty short this is an awesome game. Great job on getting sixth place.

Great game! The noises were sometimes a bit disturbing though. A horror platformer, A fun game overall, and winner of a Jam! what's not to like about this game?

I can't get passed level 3. I've been trying for an hour now and can't get passed the spikes.

I feel like you could really expand this game if you worked on it. Hope you work on it some more. Like more events and more items.

On level 3 I get onto the high ground and get away from the cop AND the thug but I die 1 foot away from them. 

Pretty good game. I feel like you could make it longer and make the story more but besides that, great job.

That was such a funny good game. The characters remind me of poptropica lol.

OOH. Scary survival game. i like

This was pretty scary at the end. It seemed like a chill game but then... Really good game.

Wow. I know I'm late but wow. What a turn of events.

Well then. If I play cards with a man who wants my eyeball and hand, I might as well eat an eyeball and a hand. Anyway this was a really fun game and I really liked when I got to eat a child