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Once I got the hang of the stereoscopic view I can now switch my brain instantly into it. Once I switched my monitor into 144hz it was MUCH easier as well, I was seeing some flickering/tearing from the refresh rate on 60hz. Is there a way to get unity to use exclusive fullscreen? That would help with people that have G-Sync monitors and a second screen, you can't get it to work outside exclusive fullscreen (not windowed fullscreen like unity usually runs)

It's weird though, I see some circles in the 3d view when I look around (they are 3d, cylinders i guess would be a better description) it's probably an artefact of the view distance. 

I wonder if there is any way to add a slight tint to the enemies to make them stand out more, maybe make the dots darker or lighter in that area (no idea how this kind 3d effect works). 

The distance also seems exaggerated, like everything is way further away than it is. 

Maybe it could be cool to add a normal-view toggle (like a hotkey) to see the normal rendering (even without textures), it could help people figure out what they are supposed to see.

I love the idea so far, what effect would making the noise finer or coarser have? What about if it changes faster or slower. I imagine it would affect the 3d effect, but can it be finer and still work?