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It should end when all letter blocks are in valid words, but since that might not be possible 100% of the time I've just added a patch with a 5 minute timer (at which point most valid blocks wins).

Also I've just realised that it's using the UK scrabble dictionary, which might be why you can't finish it - I'll merge in the US one soon.

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right, I've released a new build using the latest version of Godot

not sure if that fixed the bug given I wasn't able to reliably replicate it, but it did remember my progress in Chrome when I tried reopening it again

I shouldn't have missed the fact that zoom is basically unusable in browser...
you can now use Z/X to zoom in/out

Ok I think I've managed to replicate the bug - when I reopen the game on Chrome the first level has a saved solution but not a saved cycle count and doesn't unlock the second level until I complete it again.
Is that what you're experiencing?

checked on chrome, seems to work fine on my computer
I think the most likely cause is that the game is failing to save progress - have you blocked that somehow?

hmmm it works ok for me on firefox...
what browser are you using?

Not sure why the elephant levels aren't first - they're far easier than the rabbit ones.

Also I'm still not entirely sure how the rope physics work - it seems like the best strategy at the start is to just allow yourself to be pulled around by the rabbits, as moving usually lets one escape...

You control multiple things, but there's not really any way that this impacts the gameplay - you're essentially controlling one big thing as having an enemy in the middle normally results in a quick death, and you can't change the relative positions of your "cores" in any way.

Neat game - I had a lot of fun playing it, but there were a couple of things I found slightly annoying:

  • It's very easy to fall out of someone's vision when they're turning - perhaps some peripheral vision (i.e. small circle around them) would improve this, or just people moving slower as the player is only barely faster than them.
  • The lead is kinda short -you can't get much distance from the dog in cute mode, and if you run in the wrong direction you die in a fraction of a second - a longer lead could help this, and could allow you to keep the dog in range of someone while you sprint for another safe area.

in level 5 you can't achieve the required belt speed through conventional gear mechanisms...

that's intentional :P

though I guess I might change the instructions to "return 1 repeatedly"

yeah you are not meant to be able to do that, that's getting patched :P

Placing the chain before the wheels allows the chain to get closer to the wheels without snapping, however I doubt you'd be able to build an extremely tight chain without some kind of tensioning mechanism due to all joints having a slight give to them.

Huh it seems like firefox has decided to break the game somehow - I haven't updated it recently, and it still seems to work in chrome...

Yep, the pre-placed parts in 2 are intended to show the splitting feature, not to restrict your solution

Yeah level 6 was a bit of a difficulty spike, I've just added 3 new levels before it which should help.