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(This is from a Steam Support page)

  • 1.0 (HTC-branded) and 2.0 (Valve-branded) Base Stations will not work with each other in the same VR setup.
  • Index will work with both 1.0 and 2.0 Base Stations.
  • 2.0 Base Stations will not work with the original Vive headset or Wand controllers, but will work with the Vive Pro product family.

(This is me talking)

So there is not a huge quality difference between the two, only get 2.0 if you have an Index or Vive Pro, other wise they will not work for you, and note that you will have to ditch your single 1.0 if you want to use 2.0. More base stations are better but if you are just doing cockpit sim stuff one could definitely be enough, it just depends if you are loosening tracking with your single base station.

By square do you mean the marker at the center of your place space on the floor? If so this is part of that is part of the chaperon system. Ideally you probably want the green beams firing though about chest height if you are standing on the square. As for the "nets" that is the visualization of the fov, you just want to make sure that all of you intended play space in inside of them.

Thank you so much! I am glad you found it useful.

And yeah I would bet Valve dose not want to suggest users move base stations while they are on. I would not recommend it either as they have moving parts equivalent to hard drive motors that could damage them selves if moved while spinning. Though its unlikely I still don't do it personally just in case is shortens their operation life.

So I ran a test of the build today to try and reproduce this, unfortunately it work just fine for me and I don't have the resources to test it on a lot of different hardware configurations. If you would like, I could take a look at your logs to see if they give any hints at to what is going wrong. They are located at "C:\Users\<Your_User_Name>\AppData\LocalLow\MechaSquid\Base Station FOV Viewer\Player.log"

Yup it still should completely. If I get any reports it dose not I will fix it.