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So dumb question but might as well ask here, but how does the bundle work with regards to the special edition? If you have to spend $15 or more here, how does it work when you get the game in a bundle?

It doesn't look like there's any kind of escape ending, the text is white and can't be clicked. You also lose said text if you find any additional parts afterwards (you can find more than the 3 required, at which point the escape text will go away)

Everything is supporter only on Subscribestar so I can't see any news, but with "Released" does this mean the game is now "complete" barring any other additions later on? Like, it is up to the intended ending, no bugs and all paths are good?

Does the latest release being a couple days ago and "Version 2.0.0" indicate that the DLC has been added?

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I'm still playing the game now, but two things to know: 1. you play as a male and are essentially "invisible" (i.e. you never see your character directly, obviously you aren't invisible in the story but you can't really dress up), 2. futa is apparently an epilogue/ending thing. The main point of the game is breast expansion, but at the end there's modifications you can do with final doses that apparently can cause unusual changes, with one of them being futa. I haven't seen it myself, but if I see it before you do I'll reply back.

*edit: saw the futa stuff, as a general reminder it's an ending and not something throughout the game, and in terms of seeing multiple women being with each other there's only one scene I recall of penetration and they lack sperm so are unable to... er... 'reproduce with each other', and you also stay as a guy. That said, the ending does have you see all characters you completed as futas and they do enjoy having said equipment. Wouldn't recommend solely for futa stuff, but if the other stuff sounds interesting this game is pretty good.

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What tier does Itch count as for release dates? Gold?

*edit: "Name your own price", so public tier here

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I enjoyed my time playing so far up to the final building, and 'most' of my complaints are simply wanting more of that sweet sweet content, that said though: it baffles me that there is no proper save/load system. Even if this is to prevent save scumming, it basically means you have to rely on autosaves in order to stop playing.

Also I 'would' post an odd bug I had where the first time I played I somehow broke the game and the game thought I had 36 of the feminine crystals on like day 4 and wouldn't let me end day and continue, but it didn't happen again on a new save so... no idea there. I do think it'd be nice to have some way to change default auto-stock stuff, as in my playthrough I rushed permanent crystals (since those are what all of the staff transformations require), and the auto-stock wouldn't buy anything after I unlocked those since I didn't have enough to auto-stock those that early.

*edit: went to Discord, press ESC to pull up menu for saving

Just wanted to be sure, still a great comic+story and probably one of my favorites

I got this a while ago and just to confirm, the update is adding the cover to THIS page, on, and there isn't anything new in the comic itself right? Downloaded again but looks the same as the previous version I got years ago.

What actually is the difference between the two versions? I see the PDF names are different and imply story differences, but both versions appear to have the same plot summary/pages.

How 'mature' is the game exactly? Looks fun, but I am curious where exactly on a lewd scale it falls.

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I looked up the guide for the game to try to get all the bad endings at once, but I cannot figure out how to get Sarah's bad ending on day 4. It says that Sarah and/or Kira need to have less than 5 points, but I cannot figure out how to get passed day 1 without Sarah already being at 5, and it's an insta-game over if you don't have 5 points with Kira on day 3.

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I do want to support the game and plan on getting it, but I don't want to necessarily start a file and 2 hours later see that I have to redownload the game because of quality of life changes. I noticed on Patreon that there's an "internal" patch 1.5, should that be the expected "final" patch until further notice and just wait a day or two until then?

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The demo was a full version of the game until they released the 'special edition', which finalizes and adds new features. Assuming they haven't changed the demo directly, you can easily get to the end of the game through the demo and enjoy all of the endings (though the special edition may have added more, waiting for all of the 1.x patches before buying). If you are stuck, I suggest following, it got me to the end of it.

*oh that crash, forgot about that, assumed my download failed. I just clicked ignore and forgot about it though.