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Wait can someone please tell me if there is a bad ending to this or is there just a happy endin

Um I am very confused as to what is going o

Really nice game I loved it

Yep hopefully

Hey this is really fun can't wait to see what you come up with I love your games

OMG this was so cute I was sad when it ended

This is amazing your guys stuff is always so fun to play thankyou for the new game

Im kind of confused

I really like your games and your art style when are you coming out with a new game

I really enjoyed this when are you going to make another game

This is really cute are you going to make more games

I loved this shit it was great good job

There is another ending what happens in it

dude that is a amazing game 

so what the hell is the storyline goog game 

this is a really cute but scary game i really enjoyed it

are you planning on making any more horror games 

Fun cute game good job

This is such a beautiful well made game 

this game was amazing but it hurt so much it hurt