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Thank you! Very fun game btw

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The hint just says "this should be easy enough to figure out on your own" which is not helpful. 

Right now all I can do is mix water and earth to get clay, and upgrade my water/earth generators. 

EDIT: I see the upgrade for wood. 

how do I know the names of the places? I just see their icons, there's multiple restaurants etc so I don't know which ones to pin. 

exactly what ive been looking for, thank you

FUCK YES I'm SO happy to see this made into a full playable game! I'd love to see more recipes added

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Oh, I see! The tutorial wasn't clear that I would have to do that, lol. 

I went back to the game to play it with this knowledge, and it seems to be working. Thanks!

Thank you for replying btw :) And sorry mine took so long to get back to you!

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AMAZING!! Truly a diverse array of options, and very intuitive to use. I find that the eyedropper is missing from many games like this & including one here is definitely a huge quality of life improvement :) 

my guy: ```10148mcj5J03H0XB30301pGG0?y4800CB0;0000400064mJJ2d10B42c1w00000000000000k.00000000?&00%y%~x5_l%~00KMKMk.%sPP00000000000000000000k.?&?&0000KM%%0000KMk.0000000000000000000000000000000000KM0000k.?&000000KM0000k.?&000000KM0000?&k.KM000000k.0000```

Game seems very fun but I can't seem to sell the tutorial shirt...? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. I've clicked "sell" and tried dragging shirt down to "sell" and neither works. Help? 

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Nice style and seems fun in theory, but the ritual fails no matter what I do. Game says to summon a bag of flour - I choose the "summon object" shape, and draw it very well, then 4 of the only "summon objects" leaves, and it fails. Trying the "summon beast" circle w/5 "summon animals" leaves failed twice in a row. I don't know what I can possibly be doing better or why it's failing over and over.

Fantastic game!! Question: I logged in before drawing, but didn't use deluxe, just the free version. If I get deluxe, will it remember the drawings I made on my account while I was using free? Thnx!

EXCELLENT game, I adore this!!! My only complaint is starting over all the way from the beginning when you lose, esp since the game is so rng-heavy. But I love everything else <3

One of my faves! I've been looking for this for ages lol, glad i finally found it again

AMAZING game! Exactly what I was looking for. I would love to see a recipe list somewhere for the ones I'm missing.

I would LOVE a full version, esp a freeplay mode. this is just what i was looking for!

you're welcome! I linked my friend to this game, told her nothing, and it made her cry for 2 days.

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As a biologist, a geneticist, who studies domestication and domestic animals, this is an excellent demonstration of a very important problem. I wouldn't call it a "dilemma," i'd call it a "big fucking problem," but my point is this game portrays it very, very well. 

[spoilers below]

I especially enjoy that the ill-bred dogs are slower to run to their food. So many pieces like this rely purely on visuals to indicate that these dogs are unhealthy, so it's wonderful to feel and experience as a player, on a practical level, how being ill-bred and unhealthy is leading dogs to early deaths. Plus the shaking of the VERY high-level dogs makes it hard to tell if they're eating properly... It's much more show than tell in a way that I feel games like this often fail. Congrats! Very smart game design.