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Guess I'll try to learn how to mod in about a day lmao

bro, this is super cool, you need to make it a full game and put it on kickstarter!

kid moment.

Can you please add a speed run mode to this game?

this is a vary fun game, like wth man make a ton more and like put it on kickstarter i would pay money for these games but all in all vary good game witch is hope to see more

can this be online mode that would be amazing!

im just happy this set a all time high for games, i now will have to find games that barley rive this demo

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST INDIE GAMES I HAVE EVER PLAYED of fuk caps sory, but no kidding, the music was amazing and when i finished the demo i was so sad i thought it was a full game, so when the game comes out please let every one know

ok thx

how did you program it? 

that's the point, to have all bad ends. its a joke 


can i download my own Rom on to it?

can we use any type of program like html, JavaScript, and python? if so, can we use something like unity/ unreal engine or something like that?