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wait i just got the joke in the title

this mechanic is too interesting to be given a joke title!
(though that makes the joke better)  

i think the problem is that apple stopped supporting 32 bit applications on macs, and i guess this game is a 32 bit application?

I hate summer, sylvie, and this game is late because it is the fall now 

if you make falling fall sylvie i will be a more happy person but now my life is ruined forever!!!!

10/10 game would (and have) play(ed) again

You're welcome! It's a good game (like the rest of the ones you've made).

I got the good ending now.

It was tricky but fun.

Also, you patched it so you can get combos over 100! Now I gotta go for 999 ;)

Ah. I'll have to look for them then.

Also, (you probably know) you can get an infinite combo by jumping on a burger or crystal of the screen back onto it, and if you do it on the screen underneath the evil person, you can just kinda build up enough speed to clip through the pink light wall thing, and get stuck (if you forget about rewind, which I did)... Also the combo wraps around to 1 after reaching 99 which's neat.

How do you beat the game? I've only gotten the 'bad' ending...

For some reason, I can't download this on the itch app launcher thing...