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Room n掳167 communityCreated a new topic MIND=BLOWN

Saw the "final" page. Everything makes sense now. Great job U.D.. My mind is blown!!

Nice job!!! I found a translation of the words on the static screen. I got Mean/Selfish. Maybe there's a different translation somewhere but thats what I got.

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The ending static screen is actually one of those optical illusions where theres a hidden image in the pic. The image is a SKULL!!!!

I think the end screen only shows once as i havent been able to see it again...i missed what it said. 馃槩

This is definitely a story about Love and Death.

1. There's a hidden image in the background of the opening page. I can barely make it out as its barely flashes on the screen but I can see an eye at the bottom and what I think are 3 letters.

Excellent find! Yeah I connected M and J to Melissa and Jake but I didnt let the game play until that last screen. Gonna go back and play it again and see what else i can find. Good hunting yall!!

1. On the picture the letters have Morse code that pronounce the name of the game.

2. The numbers 467767 appear behind the bars that are moving up and down.

3. When you press 467 a letter M will appear on the first page and J will appear on the 2nd.

4. Pressing M on the lower first page gives you a female silhouette with large eyes while the second page gives you a male silhouette.

5. The end page has THE END in red letters with the D finishing off the name of the song "What a wonderful World" as well as the name of the singer.

I have to congratulate you U.D. (my nickname for you lol). Your games have tested the deepest parts of my brain. I'm really looking forward to more future releases by you.馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤