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Thanks for the help fam :)

How do I find the thief?

You should make a visual novel of these characters that you've made. I think it would be really good.


Love the new update fam <3

I just looked that up and now I feel stupid, sorry about that.

The French revolution was in the 17th century and ended in the same century my guy

Me to m8

Only email for me

The guy who made the game lives in Ukraine or so I'm told. Its most likely going to be a good while before we get an update.

Awesome, thanks for lasting me fam

Is the music in game dmca free, and if is could someone use the music in a youtube video or stream?

Will v.13/v.14 come out for everyone or do we have to be on patron to get the new versions?

Neverminded I found it

How can I get the english version? 

Does subscribestar cost anything?

.18 isn't out for PC yet, so I can imagine it will be a good while before it comes out for android.

So is Amorous going to get any new characters or additions to the existing characters? Because when I look at the dev log I see the latest update was last year. Or is this game no longer getting updates?

When .18 comes out will that be the last update for the game, or will there be more updates after .18?

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Its all good fam, just do what you can and don't over do yourself.

Alright, the demo was really fun. I cant wait for the full release, keep up the good work fam :) 

Is the game on xbox?

Just got done playing the new update, love all the new things in it. The only problem that I had with the new update, that it would randomly crash. Either from a scene or from me clicking the save screen. Other then that the new update is great and I cant wait for 0.18. Keep up the great work fam :)

The game is still free

When will the next new update come out?

Will there be any new updates for this game? Or is this game dead in the water?

Do I have to start the game over aging for chapter 7?

Are there new characters in the game? Its been a good few years since I played this.

I love this so much, I've been looking for something like this for so long.

I agree with you on that

Love the game cant what for the next update. :)

I just looked at the change log, is .17 out? 

Hey my guy, take all the time you need. We all love you and your work that you do.

When will the next update be?

When I try to play the game the words are all screwed up, is there a way I can fix that?

Cant wait for the next chapter, this story is sooo good. You did a fantastic job on this game. If you've haven't played this game yet you should definitely give it a try. <3<3<3

Alright thanks for the help :)

Do I have to re-download the game when the update comes out, or can I download the update itself?