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Thank you dude, nice to meet you! ^^

I’ve updated the game, check it out! X3

E, antes que eu acabe me esquecendo… É um prazer conhecê-lo, gilzoide, eu não sabia que você falava Português. :)

Por acaso você é do Brasil também? :)

Thank you, gilzoide, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed playing it. It really means a lot to me. ^w^

Well, since it’s just a prototype, I think it’s worth giving it a try. Thank you, gilzoide, you may now see the HTML5 version of the game here:

Sadly, since I’m aiming to make this game to be played in computers, sadly I wasn’t able to add on-screen controls for the mobile devices. So for now, there’s no way to play it on mobile phones, please forgive me for this. ^w^;;

Once again, thank you so much for commenting! It really makes me happy and determined to continue working! Thank you! ^w^

Even though it’s a short game, it’s still a very fun and challenging one. You need to lure out the cultists in order to pass through them, and some times you can’t even escape without getting hurt! It adds to the challenge. ^^

For the creator of this game, my congratulations for the good work! Keep it up! :)