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A very fun slow build kind of horror, I thought this game would be more cheese but the fact that the horror elements were mostly played straight was delightful and vaguely unsettling. 

This demo was a lot of fun and very ambitious, I felt incredibly bad for sleeping on it for oh so long but the wait was definitely worth it. Was the first game of the second Demo Disc I played, and was a fantastic introduction. 

Uploading my stream VODs (link to my Twitch in the description for anyone wanting more!) and here is part one including the fantastic Lorn's Lure! 

An incredibly fun and outright addicting climbing puzzle game. The mechanics of the climbing are simple, but oh so satisfying to use. Downright one of the most fun games over on the Demo Disc. I really, really cannot wait for the full release. 

Any time Scruncho, loved your flute playing and voice acting!

I swear I'm not biased just because Vidas was in the chat, but honestly this game is quite a lot of fun. Has a nice slice of surrealist feverish nightmare mixed with some light humor sprinkled over some genuinely fun puzzles. Recommended! 

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A fun and delightful journey about achieving immortality, so to speak. I like the cryptic writing and existentialism presented by the lore and while I've had a fair share of hiccups creating my own tower, it was worth it by the end. Would recommend to anybody. Here's part one:

Was a rather short, but fun experience. The 90's first person overlay and design is always a fun style and I do wish there was more of it. I actually do wonder what a full game would include, if there are such plans of course!


Honestly this game has about everything that I could have asked for: fun gameplay, awesome twist, with a very thought-provoking and well-written ending that changes everything. Really top notch stuff!

For a first game jam game, this was really promising. Really nice art direction, some funny moments, and a fun plot to follow along with. Would really love to play more from you some day! 

Falls between the perfect line of comedy and uneasiness, and with a very wholesome message at the end. Very fun playthrough all throughout. Recommended to anyone with about 15-20 minutes to spare!

A honestly depressing and relatable game, and I do mean that in the best possible way. I really liked the different feelings of depressed reassignment and frustrated resentment, and it all felt natural and genuine. Wonderful work of art. 


A short game, but holds some promise for having a proper Gorefield game in the future. Has a very nice aesthetic

and use of sound.

Rather cute and charming game, if very melancholic and a tad depressing as well. 

Very charming game. I really like the art direction it took, and it had an unsettling vibe to it, but also at the same time eerily welcoming. Nice surrealist work here.

This was one of the games I wanted to try from the start of my Demo Disc video series, and it has not disappointed! I love the noir (heh) atmosphere surrounding the game, and the characters play off each other pretty in their interactions with one another. Worth the wait to play it! Gameplay starts at 8:04. 

I was hoping to see more of this game, and was actually disappointed to learn that this is the full game! Not because I thought it was too short, but because I would have loved to see more of it! This might be the most overlooked game in the Demo Disc, featuring some well built up scares and a lot of confusion by the end of it. Gameplay starts at 0:26.

One of the games from the Demo Disc that I really want to see more of. Wonderful art style, an interesting plot so far, and has that very vague unsettling oppressiveness to it. My only wish was that I myself could have played more of it! Gameplay starts at 7:36.

As I said in my own video, this game gives off the same feeling when I watch older surreal horror shorts like those made by David Firth. Which is certainly a compliment. Devilishly unsettling! Game starts at 0:30. 

Surprisingly fun, actually. While I would have liked to see more of it of course, this game hits a certain atmosphere. This and Snowy Castle felt like fun little breaks between the other more horror-focused games, and I like that!

 Gameplay starts at 5:05. 

Nope, nothing scary here. Nothing tried to scare me whatsoever. Real talk though, it was a fun game to play through. It was a short and fun game, I like how it starts almost comedic before starting to reveal why it the same body kept showing up. Interesting game, would almost like to see this expanded on!

The kind of game that is frustrating, but in a good kind of way. Didn't complete it in this video, but I may revisit it sometime to do so. Great game, love the humor.

A very unique game on the Demo Disc, which is certainly not a bad thing either. The last thing I expected from the bundle was a game with commentary about social classes, and yet this game also didn't disappoint on that angle either. Look forward to seeing more, gameplay starts around 11:37.

For a proof of concept, I can say quite readily that I am sold on it. Genuinely fun oldschool-style FPS, and I can't wait to see what future updates have in store! Gameplay starts around 0:24. 

Absolutely gorgeous game, even when the horror elements kick in there is beauty in its destruction. Gameplay starts around 28:21.

You would have fooled me! This game was amazing, and I look forward to seeing its future direction!

One of my personal favorites of the Demo Disc, this game has a masterfully-executed build up and a very trippy and insane payoff. I really can't wait to see more of this game! Third and last game in the video. 

It's been a hot minute since I've been so genuinely disgusted with a game, this one is so shamelessly grimy and filthy and had built a solid atmosphere. First game in this video. 

You know, I always thought that LSD Dream Simulator needed more cats. Jokes aside, I do wonder what a full release would lead to. Gameplay starts at 6:29.

A short buy sweet stealth/chase based horror game. Fun for a demo, looking forward to a full release. Game footage starts at 22:26. 

Played the demo as part of my Demo Disc Let's Play series (this game starts at 11:55), I love the visual style and the story makes one attached to the depressed main character. I hope everything will turn out well for Sam. 

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After playing 5 out of the 17 games (as of writing) 

and having playtested Effigy before, I can safely say that this has been a good time sink and would recommend it to anyone looking to get their horror fix. Here's part one of my video series.

Well-paced game with an obvious Bioshock influence (the radio even said as much), but being transformative and remaining independent. Worth a play through, for sure. 

A lot more abstract and psychological than the previous game. Feels like a very disturbing journey of the mind, and that is no means a complaint. It's interesting to play a game that feels more grandiose, until the body horror kicks in of course.  


Very fun top-down boss rush game featuring fun game mechanics, great music, and loving pixel art. Very recommended. 

An interesting game, maybe a bit too confusing in parts. Would like to see this maybe be expanded on! 

An interesting game, maybe a bit too confusing in parts. Would like to see this maybe be expanded on! 

A short, but sweet little ditty. Has an interesting mechanic and nice build up towards the end. Would love to see this expanded on. 

A short, but sweet little ditty. Has an interesting mechanic and nice build up towards the end. Would love to see this expanded on.