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Undead Noir

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So...Why is this game cancelled?

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I was whooping Abra's ass at the dice rolling game, and my game crashed. I believe Abra made the game crashed to prevent losing to someone inferior.

Ah. Okay...  Thanks for replying.

Will there be other Muffet or something?

And now I got a thing for canaries. Thanks, mate...

Good fuckin' question. I am also curious about that!


YAY! I can't wait!

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Do you plan on adding additional characters?
Edit: If you already had a comment asking you this, I'm sorry. 

Already rage quit within 30 minutes. Keep it up! :D

I hate souls games...yet I also played all the Souls games from Demon Souls to Elden Ring... Have I beaten any of them? Lol nope...
The games are fantastic! I just hate getting angry...but I also really like a challenge...
To put it simply, it's not the game's fault. It's merely a skill issue. This is a great demo and I love it so far, but also at the same time I hate it with a burning passion and I look forward to the full release.

We all look forward to the full game! But don't work too hard and take care of yourself. We can be patient!

If there's dad jokes in this game, I am going to be so over the moon happy! PLEASE tell me that there's dad jokes in this game.

I did. I fell through the floor on the second level completely. But besides that, I had an awesome time and didn't encounter any more glitches.

Will there be an option to be able to switch from 3rd person to 1st person in the future? Like in the settings kind of thing

It was against slimes.

I am using Windows 10. I was in combat about to attack when it just froze up. 

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So it froze on me. 
Edit: It keeps saying that the server is down or something and I can't add a comment... I thought editing an existing comment would suffice.

The screenshot I sent isn't registering because it's over 3mb and I closed the game only to have it not allow me to load back into my previous game.

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I know that the soundtrack is supposed to help with the mood...but as a metal head with a love for all music (Metal my favourite), I just cannot help but bob my head to those parts of the story. 
Gosh! All of the soundtracks in this are so well made! 

Edit: I would love to find these soundtracks in the game files but I have no clue where to look.

It got me wondering what I would be like in this position...

oh...i am just an asshole then...i feel bad now. T~T

The music when Wallace was trying to save the person in trouble (For me, it was Lucas) rocked. Made me headbang.  

But still, the situation just...gosh... I really like this game and I am aware of the disclaimers, but man...

I hate the fact that I can't have a peaceful ending without Barrett being taken and used... Making me choke like this, tugging at my heartstrings like that... Not cool, man. Not cool. T~T

I as well! It's the main reason what drew me to this game. :3

Kinda reminds me of Hollow Knight at a first glance.

it would explain the humanoid dicks...

I do hope you are taking breaks and time off. I may be looking forward to the next update but I don't want you to push yourself too much or too hard. You're doing damn near everything yourself and it's pretty fuckin' admirable and impressive, to me at least.

Thanks, King!

...I feel like a damn idiot now... I honestly never thought of that..

That would be perfect. Thank you for Juice Galaxy! :D

The game is good except one thing, right click drops the item. I hate that specific keybind and I also hate that I can't change it. I've accidentally dropped and lost weapons countless times and it's pissing me off.  Anyone else having the same irritant? 

except i was drunk when i posted this and i'm fucking mortified about this. it's even worse when i can somewhat remember shit too.

I fucking hate that I am too self-conscious to buy this. I'd rather not let my bank know about this. 

(Spoilers) But I'm SO FUCKING PISSED at that scrotum-for-a-face Chiyoko or whatever that old prune's name is. That shit-eating, smug grin just makes my fucking blood boil! Especially that goddamn fox betraying Keisuke just to go get in a fucking higher position. I just wanted to fucking cry... That old bitch and traitorous fox... fuck sake...

Very much so. 

oh. okay. thank you.

And to you and Shoichi-Kun. ^w^